plant growing out of money

By Leigh Dunkley, Financial Wellbeing Lead, Schroders Personal Wealth

At this time of year, it is not unusual for many of us to experience financial anxiety or the “January blues”. After all, our spending often goes up during the festive season which can lead to increased financial pressures. Our financial wellbeing can...

John Gourd

John Gourd, CEO, Cambridge Network

William Blake famously quoted that while hindsight is a wonderful thing, foresight is better.

Claire Brennan, Talent Partner & Director at Singular Talent

By Claire Brennan, Talent Partner & Director at Singular Talent

A lot of time is spent by leaders, executives and hiring managers on interviewing. But when did you last review how you prepared before attending an interview?

Jon Torrens

By Jon Torrens

When it comes to giving any kind of talk or presentation, there are lots of different areas you can work on. To help you speak with confidence, here is some of my infinite wisdom, boiled down into five simple steps.

Employee recruitment/ retention graphic

By Rick Harris of Customer Faithful

How organisations can use Design Thinking to build their recruitment and retention plan...

modern office_ Image courtesy of COEL

By Kelly Drewery, Business Psychologist at Talent Glue Business Psychology and Lizzie Bradbury, Marketing Manager at COEL

What does it mean when our concepts of ‘work’ and ‘workplace’ have become geographically unanchored?

Syringe and Covid -19 vaccine in vial_ Shutterstock (VS has rights)

By Kirsty Simpson - Partner, Patent Attorney at Venner Shipley

There has been much discussion in the press in recent months of a patent waiver in respect of COVID-19 vaccines. But what does this actually mean, and could it ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines for everyone?

Nine motivators

By Sarah Stones at Plain Sailing Motivation

Recruiting someone with the right skills and knowledge for the role is one thing - recruiting someone with the right skills and knowledge who is also motivated in the right way to support your business and who will be a great fit with your team is something else.

orange fungi

By Niles Beadman, Associate and Patent Attorney, Mewburn Ellis LLP

Microbial repurposing of waste makes for a compelling stepping stone on our journey to a more circular economy.

Purpose written in cpaital letters on a brown background

By Diane Gorsky, MBA

Named “one of the defining business issues of the next decade,” purpose is more than a feel-good initiative. Purpose is a critical input for long-term planning and a source of competitive advantage.

King's College Chapel, Cambridge_ jean-luc-benazet-VJ4N18Lq2JQ-unsplash

By Alasdair McWilliams, Digital Media Officer at the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)

How the GCP Communications team actively encourages public and stakeholder engagement by letting people choose how they want to be informed.

potted plants and tablet with stethoscope, pen and notepad, _ website health check

By Granite 5

In the same way that our cars, boilers or fire alarms require regular servicing, it’s critical that the health of a website is regularly checked to ensure optimum performance, effectiveness and reliability.

An old and wrinkly dog

By Simon Hall

Our inbuilt bias can get in the way of achieving our aims when wielding words, but there is a smart trick to make sure we create just the right impression...

Effective communication graphic

By Cambridge Network

Communication plays a fundamental role in all aspects of business. As so much of our communication is now virtual, it's more important than ever to get it right. ...

Woman looking at  mobile phone and calendar on her computer screen

By the HR Dept

Scotland will be trialling a four-day work week. An extra day off has benefits for employees, but how might this impact employers?

Petri dish and Dr Sam Bakri, Executive Chairman and CEO of biotech start-up, SolasCure

By Dr Sam Bakri, Executive Chairman and CEO of biotech start-up, SolasCure

After more than 20 years in the life sciences industry, Dr Sam Bakri shares his journey as doctor-turned-entrepreneur of treating chronic wounds and mission to meet the unmet need.

car sitting in front of computer screen

By Point Taken Training

A guide to presenting online via popular video conferencing apps.

Data quality Venn diagram

By Christian Scott of Granite 5

Improving data quality often has a positive impact on your organisation's processes, security and efficiency.

hands on laptop_software coder

By eg technology

In recent years, there has been increasing acceptance that ‘bug-free software’ is and has always been a myth.

Calendar graphic

By Cambridge Network

Anyone working as a personal assistant (PA) or executive assistant (EA) will understand just how important their key support role is to the success of an organisation.