Can’t believe it’s not better?

Cyclist_Mill Road Cambridge

By Steve Linford, co-founder of Indie Cambridge

If we were all a little bit ‘more indie’, things would be better for Cambridge...

With a probable end to restrictions now in sight, it’s hard to see much evidence of ‘building back better’. Big businesses are experiencing incredible growth and our city streets are once again clogged with traffic.

We believe that if we were all a little bit ‘more indie’, things would be better for Cambridge.

In a small city, individuals making simple, personal decisions can make a real difference.

Not big stuff. Small stuff. Like where you choose to drink your coffee. Or how you buy your furniture, your food, your fun.

You might be able to make some journeys on foot or on a bike. And being involved in your local community can really help too.

We want to help people who care about this place to put simple, positive-actions at the heart of their everyday lives.

We’re going to build something that shows you practical steps you can take to make things better. In your life, in your neighbourhood, right away.

We can’t do it without you.

If you are interested in finding out more, drop an email to

Put ‘Better Cambridge’ in the subject box and, if you want to, tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you want to be better.

We are particularly interested in hearing from businesses which want to work with us to make a better city. We promise not to bombard you with unwanted emails.

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