Crayfish 4th birthday banner

By Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO  of

Reflections on four years of business development in challenging times...

CN Google graphic showing search emgine results

By Jamie Stenton, Business Development Manager at Lilac James Co.

A three-month project results in a 220% increase in search engine visibility.

Roundabout from the air

By Paul Jansen of runandjump ltd

A blog about adopting solutions from elsewhere...

Sookio's work experience students on Zoom

By Sue Keogh, founder and CEO of Sookio

The team at Cambridge Network was impressed by Sookio’s remote work experience opportunity for early-career marketeers, and would encourage other companies to think about offering something similar to people finding it hard to gain experience during the pandemic. 

MRI Mouse in setting

By eg technology

Case studies. A very dry, unengaging term describing the very life blood of your business – actual, contextual examples of your expertise. They really should have a more engaging name!

Erik Langaker and examples of PragmatIC technology

By PragmatIC

Why Erik Langaker, the new Chair of the Board, believes PragmatIC’s unique technology is set to disrupt the semiconductor industry on a global scale, pushing the boundaries of conventional flexible electronics.

Young man standing on mountaintop with arms open wide across countryside view

By Steve Iddon of accentuate

A personal reflection on the skills needed to adapt in the face of uncertainty...

Queens Award Certificate on a wall next to trophy cabinet. Image courtesy of Global Inkjet Systems

Louise Rushworth, Cambridge Network's Events Manager

Winning one of the prestigious annual Queen’s Awards could make all the difference to your business.

(Picture: Martin Hoather, Global Inkjet Systems)

man with hands together over an open book

By Management Learning & Coaching Ltd (ML&C)

This post will examine how to use Micromastery to break down a potentially challenging skill: handling difficult conversations with your staff and making it easy to improve and gain confidence. It's a skill many managers are looking for right now, for example to help...

Writers' Weekend festival

By Simon Hall

My one, single, most important tip for nailing public speaking - The Loving It Ladder.

Ting Zhang

By Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of

As someone who has worked passionately at the forefront of UK-China international business, trade and investment for the past 25-plus years, I have been deeply upset by the seemingly overnight deterioration in UK-China relations following the UK’s decision to ban Huawei’s 5G...


By the HR Dept

With more people working remotely due to COVID-19, managers need to adapt in order to keep staff working well. Is employee surveillance software the right way to go or can it do more harm than good?

board meeting

By Management Learning & Coaching Ltd (ML&C)

ML&C interviews people management expert Judith Elliott about the value of volunteering.

Ducks promenading along the wall outside King's College

By Simon Hall

Choosing the right words can make the difference between success and failure if you're looking for a job, to appoint a member of staff, trying to persuade and inspire, and so many other things.

To ensure time and temperature-sensitive shipments are transported both safely and effectively during times of limited operational capacity, often companies need to design and implement creative routings within the space of hours, if not minutes.

By Mark Holden, European Development Manager at Biocair

We continue to feel the impact of COVID-19, on a personal, organisational and national level.

Sourcing PPE banner

By Jiao Li, co-founder of

At the start of the year, many of us had never heard of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). But, over the past few months, PPE has fast become a buzz word - especially now, with the easing of lockdown, as many employers and employees start to think about...

faceless 'angel' character holding a heart

By Sam Eaton of MindAbility Consultancy

How many people reading this are fearing for the future? Worrying about the unknown? Is your job safe, or worse still, is your company able to survive the global pandemic? If this is you, I completely get it.


By Lesley Fettes of Network Design

There has been an increase in social media use due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, so now - more than ever - you should be using social media to send out messages about your business to keep your brand profile raised and show your audience it is business as usual.

breakdancer_ skills audit

By Simon Hall

A surprise discovery inside yourself which can bring in new income, make you feel good, and benefit a lot of people. What's not to like?


By Sam Eaton of MindAbility Consultancy

I’ve been running the ‘Brainstorm in a teacup’ sessions for some time to create lively debate, a virtual roundtable forum where people can share ideas and feel that they are in a safe space through the pandemic. One of the topics we have discussed, has been about what a courageous...