Luciana Scrofani Green (left) interprets for Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams

By Luciana Scrofani Green of One Stop Language Solutions

During my professional career, I have had, and still have, the privilege of working alongside  -in the literal sense of the term - personalities of international stature from the world of politics, institutions, and entertainment.


By Kelly Drewery, Business Psychologist at Talent Glue

We really are currently in a peculiar social place aren't we?  For the many of us who have been lucky to remain well, we have created a little life bubble for ourselves.

Metrion ion channel schematic

This guest blog post is an interview conducted by BioStrata and the ELRIG Committee with Dr Marc Rogers, Chief Scientific Officer at Metrion Biosciences, a UK-based specialist CRO offering ion channel focused drug discovery services.

25-06-2020  banner

By Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of

As our economies start to reopen round the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worth companies starting to reimagine their business models to adapt to the ‘new normal’. 

National Volunteers' Week

By Diana Barden, Director of Management Learning & Coaching

Being a volunteer is helping so many people get through lockdown with their mental health intact... and having just celebrated National Volunteers' Week, what is it that moves people to want to give their time to help others?

graphic showing asilhouette of a man in the spotlight

Claire Angus, head of Cambridge Network’s Recruitment Gateway

In an already fast-changing area of many businesses, recruiting in 2020 has been thrown a bit of a curve ball!

masked person injecting a mini 'globe'

By Luciana Scrofani Green of One Stop Language Solutions

Interpreting and translating complex medical language can be a challenge, but it's also hugely rewarding to work for companies that are active in the global effort against Covid-19 and making a real difference.

Cartoon creature tearing its hair out

By Claire Vane of Integrated Resources

Many CEOs, COOs, Practice Managers and Directors of Operations are pulling their hair out about what needs to be done and how to do it as we slowly begin to unlock the country. Many are feeling that they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. With so many competing...

silhouette of gamer with headphones on

By KISS Account Manager, Olly Cooper

Video games have been around for years, but I feel attitudes and the understanding towards the gaming community has changed dramatically over the last five years. I remember when I was growing up, my mum would always tell me that video games would melt my brain or the classic ‘give...


By the HR Dept

The reopening of schools to more children plays an important role in restarting the economy, but has understandably been the subject of much debate. This week's blog looks at what this might mean for employers who are getting back to business.

working from home_ Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Claire Ruskin, Executive Director of Cambridge Network, says the staff of many local businesses are continuing to work from home - with a resulting increase in productivity...


By Simon Hall

Coronavirus has thrown many challenges at us.   A tiny, but nonetheless knotty one, for me at least, has been what to wear when hosting a webinar. 

Man standing next to illuminated question mark

By Claire Vane of Integrated Resources

The government’s plan to slowly restart the economy raises some big questions - for both employees and employers...

cover of The Indie_ Spring 2020 issue

By Indie Cambridge 

Anne Beamish, Founder of Indie Cambridge, says that many Indie Cambridge members are still very much open for business – in whatever way they are able to - from taking enquiries for the future and putting advice and help online, through to selling through their websites and bringing their wonderful indie...


By The HR Dept

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been extended until October. Employers can help furloughed employees to maintain and develop essential skills during this time with a distance training programme. This month's blog looks at how. 


By Simon Hall

The second part of my photodiaries of the impact of coronavirus in and around Cambridge...

John Bridge OBE

John Gourd, Chief Executive Officer at Cambridge Network, talks to John Bridge, CEO of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, about the challenges caused by the pandemic and the obstacles we’ll face as the country starts to reopen for business...

clouds in the sky, spelling out the word change

Louise Rushworth, Cambridge Network’s Events manager, offers her thoughts on a webinar presented by Paul Sanderson and Liz Smith...


By Simon Hall

I've been quietly keeping a photodiary of the onset, and progress, of the coronavirus pandemic in and around Cambridge.


By Simon Hall

Simon writes of his schoolboy error of webinar woe, and how to fix it fast...