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Cambridge Network's Business Lectures and Open Events are a series of events featuring industry and academia speakers from wide and varied disciplines, both from within Cambridge and further afield. If your organisation (company, university, charity, not-for-profit, etc)  is listed in our Directory and you are a member of Cambridge Network and may attend these talks free of charge.

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Previous lectures...

28 January 2021 NVIDIA in Cambridge: Global Centre of AI Research
NVIDIA recently announced its acquisition of Arm and the intention to develop a new global centre of excellence in AI research in Cambridge, creating a platform for innovation and industry partnerships in fields such as healthcare, robotics and self-driving cars. Join us to hear from NVIDIA’s David Hogan to discuss the company’s plans in Cambridge.
artificial intelligence graphic
03 November 2020
We partnered with Taylor Wessing to hold a panel to discuss the UK quantum computing ecosystem and the applications for this new technology. Our panellists included Riverlane, Oxford Quantum Circuits, UKRI and Amadeus Capital Partners.
22 October 2020
Concerned about an imminent shortfall in hospital equipment, The Government’s Ventilator Challenge launched at the start of the coronavirus outbreak aiming to provide thousands of ventilators to hospitals as the pandemic escalated. Cambridge-based TTP shared with us their role in the challenge, developing a new, rapidly manufacturable ventilator, CoVent in just five weeks.
18 September 2020
"Brexit is the biggest crisis facing the country since the second world war and it’s in my field” says Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU Law and Senior Tutor at Trinity College, “I think it’s important to be out there talking about it now – rather than writing a learned book in 20 years’ time discussing what went wrong.” Catherine took us through why law underpins every aspect of how Brexit will play out, and what we could expect from the next few years. (Quote taken from CAM - Cambridge Alumni Magazine).
 21 April 2020 Business Lecture: What next for AI and machine learning? 
Professor Neil Lawrence was quoted in a recent BBC news article ‘Researchers: Are we on the cusp of an ‘AI winter?’ which explored whether or not the AI industry was cooling off after much hype over the last 10 years. However, he believes that AI is still very much still in the "wonder years". One of the avenues he seeks to explore in his new role is exploring machine learning approaches in Africa, which can have benefits in the developed world as well.
13 February 2020 Graphene. Reinvented. A talk by Paragraf and IDTechEx.
This talk will explore aspects of commercialisation of graphene, once hailed as a ‘wonder material’. Our speakers, Simon Thomas, CEO of graphene production company Paragraf, and senior technology analyst, Richard Collins from independent research company IDTechEx will talk about what is happening now with the commercialisation of graphene and what may happen in the future.
23 January 2020 What's happening with blockchain? Bango and nCipher - blockchain in the financial services industry
Blockchain use is increasing as the technology evolves, providing simpler and more secure transactions across many sectors, from financial services to cryptocurrencies, from manufacturing to healthcare to retail. Our speakers, from Bango and NCipher, will talk about blockchain technology in the finan
cial services industry.
14 November 2020 The benefits of good workplace design
Well-designed workspaces not only provide excellent marketing opportunities and first impressions but can also significantly enhance the workplace experience. This talk will explore how great interior design can help form a clear corporate Identity, strengthen group dynamics and attract & retain productive, valued staff.
05 June 2019

The Future High Street - how will we use our city spaces? (A joint event with Cambridge BID)
High Streets are facing many challenges and several are struggling to find their place in the 21st century. There are opportunities for High Streets to remain the hub of a vibrant urban community, supporting visitors, commuters, residents and employees. How can the city centre remain a great place to visit as well as meet the needs of communities?

This event was supported by Cambridge BID.

Cambridge BID Limited

03 June 2019

Magna Innovation Day - welcome to mobility (a joint event with Magna International)
The future promises incredible advances in technology, including electric and autonomous vehicles and brand-new ways to move. Through a culture of innovation, partnership and university support Magna is defining and creating the future of mobility. Start-ups and researchers – we look forward to meeting you at this exciting event. 

You can read an event write-up here.

This event was sponsored by Magna International.

28 May 2019 Scaling UX with design systems
Elizabeth Churchill, Director of UX at Google will share insights about how Google uses the Material Design system to effectively scale UX.
16 May 2019

How a Queen's Award can benefit your business
Cambridgeshire companies often do well at the Queen’s Awards each year. Winning one of the prestigious annual Queen’s Awards is not only a chance for some positive publicity but can boost both sales and employee engagement. But the region could do even better! Come and find out how and why you should enter.

07 May 2019 Round Table: Defence Tech:
A round table discussion between the Army and Cambridge tech companies with an interest in defence.
defence tech
14 December 2018 Drug-free antibacterial technologies for medical applications
Infection has become one of the toughest problems in the medical world. As bacteria become more resistant to drugs, materials and surfaces are seen as complementary measures for infection control and management. This event will review advances and needs in these technologies from business, clinical and research perspectives.
This event was sponsored by and run with Lucideon.
28 November 2018 Your opportunity to meet Canadian companies 
(not a Business Lecture but an inward mission of technology companies with associated talks) 

Canadian companies visiting Cambridge on 28th November - part of a cross-European matchmaking mission to find collaborative partners - would like to meet potential industrial partners from several sectors.

This event was sponsored by founder member, the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research.

24 October 2018

Shamus Husheer, CEO Heartfelt Technologies 
Entrepreneur Dr Shamus Husheer will talk about his latest venture, a device to monitor heart failure and why he hasn't gone down the 'wearables' route.  

 Why not wearables? Shamus Husheer, Heartfelt Technologies
10 October 2018

Corporate Wellbeing Showcase
A half day free event run with partners (The One Group, Your People Potential and MC Works) focusing on health and mental health in the workplace. Key Speaker: Prof Dame Carol Black, DBE, FRCP, FMedSci, Principal of Newnham College, University of Cambridge.

This event was sponsored by The One Group

12 September 2018

Prof Andy Neely, Centre for Digital Built Britain 
Digital technology is changing the way we plan, build, maintain and use our social and economic infrastructure. Over the next decade this technology will combine with the internet of things (providing sensors and other information),  advanced data analytics, data driven manufacturing and the digital economy to enable us to plan new infrastructure more effectively, build it at lower cost and operate and maintain it more efficiently. Audiences heard about the work of the Centre and how they could get involved. 

 Prof Andy Neely, Centre for Digital Built Britain  (a Cambridge Network event)