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FLYNN is a product design company of distinction. 20 years of dedication to excellence in the pursuit of innovation and development in the sphere of product design development, medical device design, consumer product design and prototype manufacture.

FLYNN work with clients from start-ups to international brands. The philosophy is the same. Be inspired by nature and focus on the user experience.

Founded in 2003 by Chris Flynn to create a new type of product design consultancy

A product design consultancy with client success and the product user at the world centre. 

We soon established a reputation for fresh thinking, solving problems in new ways. A method that almost guarantees new IP generation. 

The philosophy has remained the same over the years. We think in "design sprint" our approach is inspired by nature and focused on the end user. Keeping in mind that industrial design is there to support a competitive edge in business. We help sustain our clients with our vision and acumen for innovation and product strategy. In practical terms this starts with discovery audit or start up workshops . Our position as product design consultants casts new light on your organisation, your position in market and where you should steer course.

Pragmatically speaking this results in a product brief and specification or range or product specifications.

FLYNN is a product design agency have the capability to evolve and create a set of creative works, mainly concept generation which we then evolve through prototyping rounds, iteratively improving our work in an evolutionary approach, towards manufacture design and supply chain sourcing and managing.

We have a focus on sustainable tech such as the green economy, car charging systems, medical innovation and devices as well as scientific apparatus and industrial applications. We also love to be disruptive in sectors such as Audio equipment, healthcare equipment and leisure and sports equipment. An award winning product design company, our team look forward to hearing from you email or Call 0117 2306887



Develop products the right way and they sell themselves

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