Welding Alloys

The first subsidiary of the Welding Alloys Group was established in 1966, in the UK near Cambridge. Welding Alloys designs and manufactures a complete range of cored welding wires, automated welding equipment and provides welding solutions through our Integra service centres for industrial welding applications.

Welding Alloys Group manufactures a full and complete range of tubular welding wires, automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment.  Welding Alloys currently employs over 90 people in the UK and a total of more than 1,200 at locations across the globe, and boasts the largest ratio of graduates to welding operatives in the industry.  Welding wire sales for circa 60% of WA business and tubular wires are produced at 11 factories factories across the globe (approx 11,000 tonnes a year): Argentina, China, England, France, Germany, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea and Turkey.

Well over 300 different types of flux-cored welding wires are produced in diameters ranging from 1.0 to 5.0mm in Iron, Cobalt, Nickel and Copper based alloys, for openarc, gas shielded, submerged arc and plasma welding processes. In addition, a range of metal arc and flame spray wires is produced for powder deposition purposes. Tubular wire is a continuously formed strip, filled with different powder metals and inorganic materials to alloy specification, rolled and drawn. The production equipment for these products is manufactured by our subsidiary, Welding Alloys France SAS. Although the product was originally simple to produce, high technology especially in the manufacturing process would make it nearly impossible for newcomers to enter the field.

In addition to the manufacture of tubular welding wires, Welding Alloys have since 1980, installed more than 1,500 automatic welding machines in over 40 countries. Applications range from deposition of high temperature alloys on small diameter car exhaust valves to multi-head high deposition reclamation of 50-tonne steel mill rolls.  All our welding machines now feature D3-Touch EtherCAT based control technology.

From its position as a tubular wire manufacturer, Welding Alloys is well placed to be able to produce a comprehensive range of metal compositions, and then fully assess their fitness for purpose through the activities of the WA Integra division, which is a worldwide service for rebuilding and hardfacing worn industrial components for industries such as Steel, Coal, Power Generation, Cement, Quarrying and Shipbuilding. Our WA Integra service can be performed on-site at the customer’s premises or at a WA site, using WA materials, equipment and expertise restoring components to as-new or better condition.

Welding Alloys is a privately owned business and continues to reinvest all profits back into R&D activities and expansion globally. With a turnover in excess of £150 million the company offers a ‘complete-package’ of welding products, services and solutions to all of its customers globally.

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