BOOST&Co is a leading provider of growth capital and working capital for innovative, fast-growing SMEs. We’re a UK-based independent asset manager with offices in London, Manchester, Bristol and Cape Town – and now Cambridge, where principal Faye McDonough is keen to meet the local business community, at BOOST&Co’s Cambridge office and across the East.

BOOST&Co offers loans of £2m to £10m, helping creative and disruptive businesses to accelerate their growth while preserving equity. We cover all sectors, although we have a strong track record in SaaS, life sciences, medtech and martech. Faye O'Donough, who represents our Cambridge office, has 17 years of experience within financial services, specifically supporting SMEs.

Marked out by our boundless energy and unique culture, we’ve grown quickly since BOOST&Co was founded in 2011, and we have significant funds to invest in fast-growing businesses. Could yours be one of them, either now or in the future? Get in touch with Faye to find out…

Products and services

Working Capital

Capital for faster growth

Finance your invoices and receivables to accelerate your cash flow.

Release capital from your accounts receivables and get paid without delays. We provide £2m to £100m facilities for growing businesses, faster and earlier than many banks. Our working-capital facilities are designed for fast-growing companies. We typically advance up to 85% of receivables.

  • Facility size takes in growth expectations
  • Global facilities, including subsidiaries
  • Match or increase existing credit limits
  • Combine with our other products
  • Invoice financing and invoice factoring both available

How it works

Invoice financing is all about understanding the details of your accounts receivables. As well as understanding your business model, we need information on your receivables, such as historical collections, customer concentrations and advance rate requirements.

We assess how large a facility we can provide – and what type – when we understand the fundamentals of your business, specifically your accounts receivables. We then work with you to design your facility.

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Growth Loans

Capital to help you grow

You have a solid business; now increase your size with growth lending.

Venture debt for Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) businesses is a fast and flexible way to accelerate your growth. We lend against your MRR base so you benefit from the growth in your business. Your loan grows as your company grows. Increased revenue unlocks further funding while you avoid equity dilution.

  • Finance up to 80% of your MRR
  • Size of loan grows with your revenue base
  • Full visibility of the capital you can access
  • Cheaper than equity funding

How it works

Venture debt for MRR is all about understanding the details of your MRR. We want to know about your business model, how revenues are generated, how they recur and what your growth metrics are.

We assess how much we can lend once we understand these KPIs. We then use our MRR formula to help you customise your loan.

Find out more, by visiting our website and downloading the Growth Lending Guide.

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Venture Debt

Capital for smart growth

Step-change growth is within your grasp. Venture debt minimises equity dilution.

Achieve next-level growth with £2m to £10m tailored to your needs. Venture debt is cheaper than equity and provides more capital earlier in your development than the banks. We help you to scale your business and achieve higher valuations. We don’t take board seats; we trust you to deliver your business plan.

  • Ideal for fast-growing companies
  • No personal guarantees and no covenants
  • Process takes six to eight weeks
  • Wealth of experience and support

How it works

Venture debt is about understanding in detail your business and how you will grow. We want to know about your business model, your history, how you win clients and your prospects for growth.

We assess how much we can lend once we understand these factors. We then discuss these with you to tailor your venture debt.

To find out more, visit our website and download the Growth Lending Guide.

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