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KDP Electronic Systems Ltd is a privately owned company founded in 1972 as a consultancy design and manufacturing facility. We specialise in providing our clients with world-class sensors, drives and other electronic solutions. The solutions include PCB assembly, cable assemblies, encapsulation/conformal coating and box builds. All of these solutions are manufactured in-house by our expert team.

KDP Electronic Systems Ltd is a privately owned company founded in 1972 as a consultancy design and manufacturing facility. We specialise in:

  • World-class sensors - wireless sensors, temperature sensors, inclinometers, proximity probes and more. 
  • Drives - including AC Servo Drives, DC Servo Drives, AC Servo Motors, DC Servo Motors, motion control, spindle motors and more. 
  • PCB assemblies - surface-mount assembly, through-hole assembly, precision hand process assembly, AOI inpsection and turn key manufacturing.
  • Cable assemblies - simple preparation, complex cables, looms and harnesses.
  • Encapsulation/conformal coating - protects from mositure, dust, vibration, chemicals and various other environmental factors.
  • Box builds - control panels, system/sub assemblies, R&D/prototypes.

All our solutions services are manufactured in-house by our expert team. With over 45 years of experience whatever your requirements we can help. 

Products and services

Box Builds

We can manufacture from your designs or assist with design, 3D modeling, documentation, test. We are happy to join at any stage in the prototype/production cycle.

  • Control Panels
  • System/sub assemblies
  • R&D / Prototypes 

Over 45 years experience and no minimum order quantities.


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Encapsulation/Conformal Coating

Our conformal coating and encapsulation services offer protection from moisture, dust, fungus, shock, chemicals, vibrations etc.

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Cable Assembly


We offer a service from simple preparation through to complex cable assemblies, looms and harnesses. Our experienced staff have the skills to supply, advise and design from one-off to small-medium bulk orders. All cable assemblies are tested. 


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PCB Assembly

We can offer the following PCB solutions: Surface-mount assembly, Through-hole assembly, Precision hand process, AOI inspection and Turnkey manufacturing.

With over 45 years of experience we have a well developed production process to ensure all PCBs are assembled to the highest quality by our expert in-house team.

We also ensure all boards we produce are thoroughly inspected either via online inspection systems or our AOI machine.

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We are an independent Servo Drive manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of Servo Control products. We acquired our long-term associate Servo Drives company Norwin Electronics in 2016.

These include AC Servo Drives, AC Servo Motors, DC Servo Drives, DC Servo Motors, HS Spindle Motors and more. 

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Our world-class industrial sensors are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications that include the measurement of vibration, displacement, angle and position.

These high-quality sensors are used in fields such as automatic train control and protection, vehicle behaviour, preventative maintenance and condition monitoring of rotating machinery, seismic activity monitoring, mining and valve position monitoring.

Within our sensors range are certified hazardous area versions as well as submersible and radiation-hardened types. When coupled with the correct cables and signal conditioners these sensors offer the user a complete high-quality measurement chain that can be relied upon in even the most demanding of applications.

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