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Elite Electronic Systems is a leading strategic UK Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, servicing all the high technology market sectors, with a key focus on Medical Devices. We are ISO 9001 & 13485 accredited. We deliver competitive, flexible & stable Supply Chain Manufacturing Partner Solutions for PCBA’s, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds & High Level Assemblies (HLA).

Established in 1986, Elite Electronic Systems are the leading provider of Sub-Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services, to a diverse customer portfolio of innovative and successful companies in the UK, Ireland and Internationally. Employing over 200 people, in 70,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space, Elite invest continuously in new technologies and equipment to provide complete turnkey manufacturing, excellent quality, and flexible scheduling. This ensures Elite are at the forefront when it comes to enhancing manufacturing capabilities and meeting customer demands.

Elite adhere to ISO13485:2016 Medical Device Manufacturer, ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, and IS027001:2013 Information Security, covering both standard and complex products. As well as J-Standard 001 assembly illustrating the commitment to high-quality processes.

Elite has three core manufacturing divisions, PCB Assembly, Cable and Harness Assembly and Full System Integration. Elite operate successfully in many sectors with customers in the medical, military, security, industrial, off-highway, IoT, power generation & monitoring and audio intel communication sectors.

Elite’s ability to provide consistently high standards of electronics across such diverse sectors is underpinned by a company ethos which identifies three key pillars; Plant, People & Processes. Central to this ethos is its highly skilled and loyal workforce where a strategy of continuous training and knowledge in all areas including IPC 610 & 620 class three standards ensures Elite can meet any customer requirements.

Attention to detail at every stage of the process from quotation, purchasing, pre-production, product assembly, test, inspection and delivery is critical.


Products and services

Meet Team Elite

We are an exciting company to work for, innovative and rewarding.  It’s what we do together that makes us different.  We make the opportunity to build a career. One of the best ways to get to know us is through our social media channels, where we post all of our open roles.

So connect with us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Not only will you get to know us, but you will be one of the first to hear about our latest job opportunities.


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PCB Assembly

From conventional through-hole to the latest surface mount technology, we offer complete flexibility to our customers, reducing time to market.

Elite’s unique model for PCB assembly ensures responsiveness and competitive manufacturing solutions combined with a comprehensive suite of cradle to grave services to support PCB assembly.

The adoption of innovative technology and regular enhancement of our facilities ensures that Elite offers customers continuous high-quality manufacturing.

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Surface Mount

Elite’s surface Mount capabilities are as follows:

  • 10 x pick and place machines
  • 5 x surface mount assembly lines
  • 250,000 components per hour placement rate
  • A dedicated NPI line
  • 3D solder paste inspection
  • 7 zone reflow ovens
  • Automated optical inspection
  • X-ray BGA inspection
  • Stencil/Board cleaning
  • Vapor Phase Oven

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Recent investments in a fully automated in-line selective soldering system, ensures consistent and repeatable quality of solder joint and is utilised by our market leading customers. Review your new PCB designs with Elite to assess suitability for manufacture through our latest equipment and processes.


Elite’s through-hole capabilities are as follows:

  • IPC-A-610 workmanship standards
  • Manual soldering
  • Wave soldering
  • 2 x Selective soldering machines
  • J-STD-001 soldering standard

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PCB Inspection

With continuous investment into the latest equipment, Elite offer:

  • 3D solder paste inspection
  • X-Ray BGA inspection
  • AOI inspection (of surface-mount and through-hole components)
  • Extensive rework capability
  • Visual inspection to IPC standards

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PCB BoxBuild

Elite offer full cradle to grave services including:

  • Component Sourcing & Procurement
  • Design for Manufacture
  • PCB & Cable Assembly
  • Software Loading
  • Functional Test
  • Burn-In Test
  • Environmental Test
  • Power Installation & Configuration
  • Fulfilment Services
  • Global Logistics
  • Robotic Conformal Coating


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Elite’s capabilities ensure that we can produce assemblies from a Basic Design like end to end communications and Battery Cables, to a Bespoke Design Wiring Harnesses that has multiple Connectors and Cables.

Every Elite customer recognises that Elite are industry experts, with the capability and expertise to deliver excellent quality on a consistent basis, meeting the stringent delivery requirements for each customer.

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Cable Processes

Cables supplied by Elite include:

  • Heavy Duty Power Cables
  • Crimping up to 240mm
  • Shielded Cables
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Signal Cables
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Discrete Cables


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Cable Assemblies

Key manufacturing techniques include:

  • Automated cutting, stripping, booting and termination
  • Printing of cable idents onto standard wire colours
  • Ultra-sonic splicing
  • Wire crimping
  • Braiding
  • 100% Testing

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Elite has decades of experience as a fully approved control panel builder for UL  standards which has been a vitally important service for customers.

Elite provide machine builders and OEMs with the capacity to take on new orders and expand by supporting the full design and build of their control systems.

As specialists in control panel build’s, we understand the need to deliver reliable, flexible, and cost-effective high-quality solutions. 

We have the experience to design and build control panels for the following industries;

  • Aerospace & Automation,
  • Energy & Power,
  • Food & Beverages,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Quarry & Mining,
  • Recycling,
  • Transport & Infrastructure.

Our control panel solutions include:

  • Design and manufacture
  • Installation of required systems
  • Commissioning and user training
  • Electrical drawings in Auto CAD
  • Data collection and manipulation
  • Leading brand control and switch-gear component utilisation
  • Electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation controls
  • Motor drives and process automation control
  • Compliance with the relevant European standards
  • Safety and cross monitoring system

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New Product Introduction

Elite has expertise in:

  • Specialist component sourcing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Design for manufacture
  • Design for test
  • Creation of detailed manufacturing instructions
  • Full System Integration
  • Product Packaging
  • NPI feedback report

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Elite’s testing capabilities are as follows:

PCB Test:
• At sub assembly or board level
• Dedicated Full Functional Testing (Board Level)
• Combined ATE (bed of nails) with functional Test
• IC Programming and Verification Facility
• Analogue and Digital Network Terminal Equipment Approval Testing
• Board Level ATE
• Voltage Signature Diagnostic Capability to Component Level
• Boundary Scanning facility (Debug or Full Functional Test capability)

Complete System Test:
• Complete System Full Functional Test
• Analogue and Digital Network Terminal Equipment Approval Testing
• Reliability (Soak) Testing with our on-site Environmental Chamber
• Earth Bond and Electrical Strength Safety Test

Wiring Assembly Test:
• Continuity and isolation testing
• Cirrus Universal Test-Sets
• 392 point-to-point Testing
• Low and Hi-POT Test facility


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