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Captum Capital is an innovative consulting company, which facilitates the development of emerging life science companies. Captum provides MasterClasses in technology valuation and business modelling. The company founded Sensor100, an international network of people and organisations active in the development and commercialisation of bio- and chemo-sensors.

Sensor100 is an international network of >3000 people in over 70 countries worldwide.  Sensor100 organises conferences in Sensors in Medicine, Food & Agriculture and the Environment.  It communicates with its network through a free monthly eNewsletter.

A series of MasterClasses provide a high level learning experience in state of the art methodolgy in technology and licence valuation and business modelling.  Valuation models are based on Excel and include risk adjusted Net Present Value, Monte Carlo simulation and Real Options using decision trees.  Captum has developed accessible models which allow the non-mathematical impelementation of these techniques to faciltate decison making under uncertainty.

The founders of Captum Capital have all held senior executive positions in life science corporations in the USA, including multinational corporations, venture capital, healthcare and consulting.

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Life Science MasterClasses

Captum Capital organises a series of Life Science MasterClasses in association with Biology in Business. For more information, contact

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