IOT & Approval Solutions

IOTAS is an extremely experienced specialist Field-Testing Company with a passion for offering a highly professional solution, fully committed to offering world-class testing solutions to the global wireless community.

IOTAS is a global specialist wireless field-testing company committed to offering world class testing solutions to the global wireless community. We have offices in Australia, China, Japan and Mexico and teams based in Germany, France, Spain and Hong Kong.

We are committed to providing excellent quality of work, and to delivering top-class customer service. We aim to forge relationships with our customers in order to earn and maintain their trust and respect, so that we become their first choice when placing orders.

It is IOTAS’s philosophy to engender a supportive, fair and exciting working environment where all our employees are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential and be rewarded for their achievement. We believe that in order to achieve our business objectives, IOTAS must attract, and retain, the very best people.

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