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AMS Technologies is Europe’s leading solution provider and distributor for Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies.

AMS Technologies is Europe’s leading solution provider and distributor for Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies.  With 30 years of entrepreneurial spirit, we provide blue-chip companies, research institutes and leading-edge technology start-ups with an unparalleled level of technical competence. 80% of our revenue is based on customised products, with AMS providing design expertise, logistics, service & turn key solutions.

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Products and services

Thermal Management

Our Thermal Management team focuses on electronics cooling, thermoelectrics and specialised cooling solutions. Exceptional know-how and leading-edge products from our principals are put to work for our customers as standard or custom solutions. 

One particular expertise is the cooling of high-power semiconductors with heat sinks and water cooled plates for converters and inverters in renewable energies, traction, electric vehicles, energy transmission and large industrial drives. Thermoelectrics, heat exchangers, micro-compressors and heat pipes, as well as systems such as recirculating chillers, thermoelectric cooling assemblies, air conditioning units or customised solutions thereof, are the first choice for medical equipment, lasers, analytical instruments, beverage cooling and other applications.

Our thermal design services include thermal simulation with CFD as well as prototype testing, and are highly valued by our customers.

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Power Technologies

Power Technologies encompasses a plethora of components and systems for high voltage, high frequency and low voltage, as well as various power supplies and drivers.

As definitions can vary, we at AMS Technologies define high voltage as a voltage of more than 1kV. Our broad array of >high voltage components comprises products for differing applications, including AC power quality, high power RF and pulse applications.

Our RF product offering includes an exclusive selection of components for use in applications such as antenna matching units. These are defined for use in the 3 to 32MHz range and are suitable for several industrial and research application areas.

Whether for use in motors and drives, measuring systems or for filter and snubber circuits, our range of low voltage components can also be used for many applications in industry or research.

And finally, our power supplies and drivers section sports a selection of systems developed for the laser and optical fields, as well as other high-end applications. We also have a selection of units for supporting high voltage and pulse-power customer bases (again in both industrial and research fields) as well as small PCB units.

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Numerous vendors offer single components, but very few offer complex solutions based on their technical and market know-how and consisting of sub-components and devices from different manufacturers.

AMS Technologies excels by providing solutions that match products from different sources as well as supporting the design of products tailored specifically to customer requirements. From active components (light sources and spectrometers) to passive components (detectors, fibers, optics and optomechanics), with or without non-optical accessories: our technology experts select the optical devices best suited to your application or define the required specifications for the development of a new product. If no single manufacturer can provide the know-how you need across all markets, go instead for the complete overview – supported by AMS Technologies.

Thanks to the synergies with our other business lines, we realise complete solutions that include cooling solutions and driver/controller units for your light sources. Moreover, the cooperation with leading subcontractors in the optics markets enables us to provide fully-integrated modules and assemblies for customers without the need to rely on standard production lines.

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Optical Technologies

Optical Technology is our key competency, with the broadest and most widely varying product offering. Ranging from optical components and systems for the most differing of applications, over cameras for machine vision and on to capital equipment for fiber optic applications. 

Whether a minute chip or a complete system for the production of thin film solar cells, customers can rely on the profound technical and application knowledge of our sales engineers in the entire design and sales process. Throughout this process we focus constantly on the specific needs of the customer and his application. Over and above the sales of selected standard products, we can support your design team during the development cycle, in the definition of the specifications for customised products and in the realisation of prototypes and even in the training for, and full technical service and support of the acquired capital equipment.

The synergies among the product lines allow customers to get the whole range of required products from a single source. Our components cover all needs you may have for passive and active optical products and their accessories. Our knowledge of the fragmented landscape of the various technologies is your guarantee for competent consultancy and overview on the market offering.

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