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Interfolio is an online platform used globally by funders and universities to track research and evidence impact. The platform uses technology and algorithms to collect outcomes and outputs of research from the web, external data sources and the researchers themselves.

With over £50B of tracked funding, funding organisations across the globe use the Researchfish platform to measure research impact of over 3.5M outcomes of over 160K research awards. Comprehensive reporting gives a broader and deeper understanding of the activities of research, showing pathways to research impact. This enables organisations to inform future funding strategies and increase opportunity for collaboration.

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Researchfish Impact & Evaluation Hub

The Researchfish Impact & Evaluation Hub provides a structured, consistent and accurate platform for funders, research Institutions and researchers to collect and report research outputs and outcomes to enable better research impact assessment. 

The Impact & Evaluation Hub from Researchfish is used globally by Funding Organisations, Research Institutions and Researchers to measure and report on the impact of their funded research. This drives smarter funding decisions, targeting resources to research areas that have the greatest impact.

The Impact & Evaluation Hub is available in different options dependent on your organisation's research impact assessment needs.

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