Consultants on the use of radio frequency and microwave energy into the industrial sector

AC Metaxas has experience in the use of RF and microwave energy into the industrial sector.

Such experience was gained first at the Electricity Council Research Centre now CTech Innovation in Chester, UK and latterly at the EUG, a research group established by Dr Metaxas at the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge.

  1. Microwaves
  2. Radio Frequencies 
  3. Examples of some projects undertaken by the group are listed below:
  • Design of heating cavities or applicators for RF and microwave heating in the frequency regime 10 MHz to 35 GHz, for heating, curing or drying of many other dielectric materials.
  • Advice on retrofitting or upgrading existing industrial drying or heating equipment
  • In depth review of current pilot scale projects, funded by multinationals, and  intended for commercialisation
  • Advice on setting up test facilities and laboratory scale experiments
  • Feasibility and case studies on specific proposals with costs
  • Bespoke training courses for academics, industry and commerce presented in Cambridge or at a specific firm’s premises
  • Expert witness representation and advice on various aspects of RF and microwave heating
  • Advice on setting up an examinable course linked to a specific degree
  • Theoretical studies for RF and Microwave systems
  • Advice on electroheat systems in industry, such as ohmic heating of pumpable and slurries, foodstuffs, induction and infra-red heating
  • Literature surveys and producing reports on any topic linked with the use of RF or microwave energy use in industry

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