Granta helps engineering enterprises to manage and apply vital information about engineering materials. We enable smart decisions on the use of these materials in product development.

Granta Design - the materials information technology experts.

Granta is the leader in materials information technology – software, information resources, and services to advance materials education, and to enable better, greener, safer products. Granta Design is a subsidiary of ANSYS Inc.

Our mission

We apply information technology to the world of materials. We help materials educators to teach the next generation of engineers, scientists, and designers, and materials engineers to optimize the performance of materials and processes. And we enable design and development to make smart decisions about their products. To date, we’ve helped hundreds of engineering enterprises to embrace ‘material intelligence’. The results: accessible data, time savings, slashed costs, reduced risk, better products, and happy engineers.

Our vision

We see an exciting future for materials information technology. In education, we will help to build society’s material intelligence. In materials R&D, we seek to empower ‘Materials 4.0’ – the materials response to the Industry 4.0 era. We’ll help to drive technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and new approaches to combine simulation and experiment for materials design. And we’re working towards a world where material intelligence is available wherever it is needed, whenever it is needed in the product lifecycle – and fully integrated into business and engineering processes.

Our story

Still headquartered in Cambridge, UK, we’re now a worldwide organization with locations in the US, Germany, and France, and service partners throughout the Asia/Pacific region and elsewhere.

We’re the largest team and R&D effort dedicated to the topic of materials information technology, with unrivalled experience of implementing materials information solutions, from hundreds of industry projects and work with over a thousand universities.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, with an active collaborative R&D team, thriving industry consortia projects, and our involvement in coordinating the global Materials Education Symposia.

Products and services

CES Selector

A unique PC-based software product supporting systematic selection of materials for engineering applications.

CES Selector, based on the Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) approach developed by Professor Mike Ashby at Cambridge University, is a unique tool for the rational selection of engineering materials – metals, ceramics, polymers, composites – and of manufacturing processes – shaping, finishing, joining, and surface treatment.

The software is easy to install and use on your PC. It combines a database of materials and process properties (choose the Edition to fit your needs) with software tools to:

* Browse and search the information in the materials property database
* Create highly visual, interactive materials property charts that enable you to inspect and compare materials, and
* Apply this information using a systematic materials selection method to identify and rank the best materials for a particular engineering application.

With CES Selector you can:

* Support early-stage design, where materials and processing options are open
* Advance detailed design tasks when coupled to your own proprietary data or to specialist databases such as MMPDS (Mil-Handbook-5) or CAMPUS plastics
* Redesign components, selecting materials for lower “cost per unit of function”
* Find equivalents or substitutes for a redundant or withdrawn material
* Find substitutes for a material that has failed in use
* Validate a design approach, demonstrating that no material or processing option has been overlooked
* Communicate and gain support for new material and processing ideas
* Improve the design process by encouraging early consideration of material and manufacturing issues in new product design

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GRANTA MI materials information management

GRANTA MI is the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises.

Capture, control, analyze, and apply critical data relating to materials (metals, plastics, composites, ceramics) in the engineering process.

Developed and proven in collaboration with top industrial engineering organizations, GRANTA MI lets you improve quality, save time, and reduce risk.

GRANTA MI creates a single corporate materials database that can combine and enrich data from
in-house testing and design, proprietary sources, and external references. Materials experts use GRANTA MI to manage, analyze, certify, and maintain this data, publishing it in a secure and controlled manner. Engineers and other professionals can then access and apply this information within their routine workflows, assured that it is relevant, traceable, and the best available. Key applications include:

  • Capture, processing, statistical analysis of test data, and enabling use of appropriately qualified data in design
  • Easy access to valuable materials property reference data
  • Support for materials selection and cost optimization decisions - ensuring a consistent, systematic approach, enterprise wide
  • Managing information about restricted substances and eco properties and enabling eco design

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CES EduPack for materials teaching

The world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering, science, processing, and design. Now used at over 700 universities and colleges worldwide.

CES EduPack is a unique resource for teaching materials and process-related courses in subject areas including:

* General and mechanical engineering
* Manufacturing
* Materials science and materials engineering
* Eco design and sustainability
* Industrial and product design
* Aerospace engineering
* Nuclear engineering
* Polymer science and engineering
* Architecture and the built environment
* Bio engineering

CES EduPack suprovides a comprehensive database of materials and process information, powerful materials software tools, and a range of supporting textbooks, lectures, projects, and exercises. With specialist editions for specific disciplines, and three levels of the database and software to suit varying needs in all years of undergraduate study and in postgraduate teaching, the EduPack is a curriculum-wide resource.

Other benefits include:

* Helps to re-invigorate the teaching of materials - students like it!
* Encouraging self-teaching, with students able to use software on their own PCs
* Increasing the appeal of your course with access to industrially-relevant technology
* Making course preparation more efficient through a ready-to-use resource kit, proven at 700 universities and colleges worldwide
* Enriching existing courses and helping the design of new courses
* Creating a link between different courses in your curriculum

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