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Iprova has reinvented invention, enabling users of its invention platform to invent with unmatched speed, disruption and efficiency. Come and join our fast expanding, fun loving and tech-savvy team in either London or Cambridge. We are actively recruiting.

Iprova uses advanced machine-learning technology to deliver inventions to its clients that shape the products and services of tomorrow. Our data-driven approach allows us to augment human creativity by analysing huge amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify inventive signals in seemingly unrelated areas. Through the use of our technology we not only produce more diverse and disruptive results but do so at greater speed than previously possible. Today, we have a global footprint of customers such as Philips, Panasonic and Deutsche Telekom and have delivered inventions in a number of industries such as telecommunications, wearables, autonomous vehicles and healthcare.

Products and services

Iprova Limited

Iprova uses artificial intelligence to deliver disruptive inventions. We augment our clients R&D efforts by providing them with a stream of fixed-cost inventions that are not only faster and more diverse in nature, but also commercially relevant and suited to their existing product roadmap and patent portfolio.

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