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i2 was established in 1990 and specialises in developing and providing powerful, easy to use analytical software solutions for visualising, analysing and communicating complex scenarios. The award wining Analysts Notebook has become the international standard for visualisation and analysis tools and is used by law enforcement agencies and commercial crime fighters around the world.


i2 develops powerful, yet easy to use, analytical software solutions for visualising, analysing and communicating complex scenarios.

Our products help users capture and organise multi-source data to which they can apply a variety of integrated analytical techniques.

In this way, our users determine what is relevant and assemble it into concise charts that are easily communicated to others.

By combining link analysis with advanced graphics, we deliver highly appealing and effective analytical environments where users operate on their own terms, drawing the right conclusions at the right time.


Since i2 was established in 1990, we have concentrated primarily on the provision of visualisation and analysis tools to law enforcement agencies and commercial crime fighters around the world.

Our products are used by thousands of Analysts in more than 1200 organisations and 70 countries worldwide. Our customers include all of the British police forces, many of the US Federal and State law enforcement agencies and all of the Australian State Forces.

We support our users through an international network of offices and distributors in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia and South Africa.


i2 is a fully independent company, founded by two experience developers. The company is known for its informal but professional approach and commitment to keep abreast of the latest technological developments.

i2 employees are considered vital to the organisation's success and work in a friendly and supportive environment. Areas of expertise cover:
- software design
- development
- documentation
- training
- technical consultancy
- support
- sales
- marketing
- finance

An additional research group investigates new areas such as:
- software architectures
- analytical algorithms and
- user interfaces
with a view to adopting them in new products.

Whatever your specific area of expertise, at i2 your input is valued. All employees work as part of a team and all functions contribute towards the success of our products. This is a genuine working reality exemplified by the i2 'Product Engineering Process'.


i2's development teams program in both C++ and Visual Basic within the Microsoft Windows environment; the 'Analyst's Notebook', for example, is developed in a combination of both languages.

Web-orientated development is of increasing importance to us. The 'Link Chart Reader' is already Web enabled and we are developing other browser based applications.

i2's core products are implemented as a collection of ActiveX components. This allows us to:
- re-use components across our product set
- re-package them for different markets
- offer an external API allowing third-parties to extend their functionality
- license system integrators to embed our technology in their solutions.

Our users are analytical specialists and are not necessarily computer experts. Therefore, although i2's products contain advanced algorithms, we take great care to deliver them in palatable packages. The design of innovative and effective graphical user interfaces has proved essential to their success.



When recruiting staff we concentrate on an individual's capability, personality and potential rather than seeking a specific track record.

You need to have a keen mind that can grasp complicated concepts, reason about them, debate them and where relevant implement them. You must be able to communicate well, both with colleagues and end users, and be prepared to work as part of a team.


You will be part of a dynamic company that contines to grow steadily both in size and representation throughout the world. This provides our employees with the genuine opportunity for career progression and personal development within an exciting industry.

We offer very competitive remuneration packages that include pension options, private health-care and four times basic salary life cover. We also sponsor work-related training programmes and organise regular staff social events.

If you would like to join us in applying the latest technologies to combat real problems, we would like to hear from you.

Products and services

i2 Analyst's Notebook
the world's leading visual investigative analysis software - used by more than 2000 organizations worldwide. It allows investigators to uncover, interpret, and display complex information about seemingly unrelated persons, places and events in an easily understood graphical form

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