We are a niche business consultancy specialising in removing business waste such that businesses can have a more agile and sustainable outcome. Our approach is founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Productivity. We are not limited to manufacturing companies. Typically we work with larger SMEs and corporate companies, but not exclusively. Our approach is that of employee engagement, where the staff become your "Waste Hunters". Our Founder has also recently had a book published on how effective coaching, used at the right time can transform company culture and productivity.

Our mantra is around delivering practical but appropriate solutions. We are also certified to deliver  detailed energy assessments in addition to the "Lean" Work. Removing your waste is the key to our success, as well as yours. Our founder is a Fellow of the I.Chem.E. , Chartered Management Institute ,  Key Note Speaker, and part-time lecturer on change management. Our speciality is around being able to engage and energise company workforces to solve their own problems and remove waste. We have worked in challenging cultures in the UK and abroad, and are particularly skilled at understanding the challenges and context rapidly, that sets the scene for "Quick Wins". We firmly believe in making complex challenges simple, such that all the stakeholders can get involved quickly to improve performance. Removing all the key types of business waste, not only removes operating fixed cost, and working capital, but makes the organisation more agile in the market place. Specifically our company is specialist in delivering the following:

  • Operational Excellence Consulting 
  • Operational Excellence Systems
  • Lean Assessments
  • Lean Training
  • Continuous Improvement Events &Problem Solving
  • Workplace Optimisation & Factory Layouts
  • Cultural Transformations
  • Executive& Leadership Coaching 
  • Team Coaching

We can also deliver high-end business coaching through the Team Coaching Boutique (R) & Accendit business, which supports the consultancy work .The ELI (Energy Leadership Index) is a new approach to coaching which can shift the clients energy quickly and a sustainable way. The critical differentiation is that it makes no assumptions around behaviour or personality, but recognises that the client is affected by their own current situation and awareness. The process will shift the clients "Energy Blockers". This supports the work we do around team coaching fundamental to our overall performance support. For more details on our Team Coaching support, please visit

To stay still is to go backwards

John Cockburn-Evans


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