IntraOrbis Limited

IntraOrbis is a global investigations company, headquartered in Suffolk, we are experts at investigation specialising in IPR and brand protection providing solutions for many of the leading corporations world wide. Protecting their business, brands, reputations, and intellectual property.

The pandemic has significantly changed many aspects of our work, the evolving cyber threat and supply chain challenges places every business at greater risk.

Our expertise and sound judgment have enabled IntraOrbis to become a trusted vendor to clients in many different business sectors across the world.

Routinely we conduct over 450 investigations a year in 50 countries

Our services include 

  • Strategic data collectionFocusing on specific issues, products, people, regions of the world

  • Investigative due diligenceConfirm what’s going on, by whom and how big the problem is

  • Evidential purchasingMaking anonymous buys of products or services B2C or B2B

  • Surveillance Intel led continuous observations to gather evidence-

  • Undercover investigationswhen appropriate deploy skilled individuals into active crimes

Our clients are from sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals,  Agrichemical, Personl care products, food and drink, mining, legal and safety & compliance.

We work with twenty four h strategic partners operating in most regions of the world.

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