CB24 Solutions Ltd

CB24 Solutions provides advice and support to companies seeking R&D and RDEC (Research & Development Expenditure Credit) tax relief to encourage investment in technology development.

For more information about the services CB24 Solutions provides please contact: info@cb24solutions.co.uk

CB24 Solutions’ key expertise includes:

  • Over 30 years’ experience of electronics and software product development
  • Over 15 years’ senior leadership of product design consultancy
  • Preparation of R&D tax relief claims since 2008 with 100% success rate
  • Detailed analysis and collation of direct project costs
  • Clear and concise articulation of project activities for R&D claim reports
  • Close cooperation with accountants for formal R&D claim submission

For more information about the services CB24 Solutions provides please contact: info@cb24solutions.co.uk


Products and services

R&D Tax Relief

SME R&D tax relief is worth 25% of qualifying R&D expenditure for companies making a profit and up to 33% of such expenditure for a loss making company; this is worth exploring as the relief can be back-dated for the previous two financial years and received as a cash payment from HMRC. 

CB24 Solutions provides the following R&D tax relief related services:

  • Assessment of each project’s technology advancements to determine eligibility against HMRC R&D criteria
  • Identification of most appropriate HMRC scheme (SME R&D or RDEC)
  • Support with ‘Advanced Assurance’ applications to confirm eligibility before formal R&D claim is made
  • Identification of direct project costs and allowable overheads
  • Preparation of spreadsheets to support R&D claims
  • Light-touch interaction with engineering teams to capture description of each project’s objectives and technical uncertainty
  • R&D report preparation
  • Advice and support for how to prepare R&D claims in-house
  • Liaison with client’s accountants to support their preparation of R&D claims
  • Support when responding to queries raised by HMRC in relation to an R&D claim
  • Advice on tracking on-going R&D project costs to provide real-time analysis of potential tax relief

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