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Excellence-First Enterprise Consultancy is a company working with partners in UK and China. We define a project, find the best partners in UK and China to make it succeed, and then deliver the goods. Our business partners come from industry, commerce and leading academic and technical institutes. We have launched the EFEC4.0 BITE NETWORK to support our work with business. This includes helping with UK / China trading and locating and wider support for business growth, innovation and productivity

Products and services

Sourcing products from China


EFEC creates Partnerships for Growth. Our Into China services help UK companies to grow by supporting them in sourcing products, partners or investors from China. Our specific work is de-risking the process.

  • Getting products from China 
  • Finding business partners in China 


  • Legal - knowing what you can cannot do, protecting your interests
  • Cultural - understanding how business is dine
  • Language - our team includes Chinese nationals based in China
  • Scale - we can cut through the vast range on offer on .e.g. Alibaba to find what you need
  • Specifications can be technical and often complex - we get the terms right across the language
  • Managing the supplier - getting the relationships right
  • Understand what you need
  • Scope the possibility and risk
  • Find the product supplier, partner or investor
  • Quality manage the ongoing relationship


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