Applied Interpretation of LC-MS Mass Spectra

This live, instructor-led training course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of LC-MS mass spectral interpretation, with practical exercises to apply the knowledge.

The course teaches how to obtain high quality mass spectra, simple techniques to recognise and elucidate spectra, how to observe fragmentation patterns and looks at how to use advance tools to interpret spectra.

From learning to quickly recognise from the spectrum if the analyte is aliphatic or aromatic in nature; to learning to interpret the number of carbon atoms, heteroatoms and degree of unsaturation; and understand isotopes, isomers, logical losses, cleavages and rearrangements to produce a mass spectral fingerprint of the compound.

The course includes a high proportion of tutorial exercises on spectral data to apply the knowledge.

This course is taught live in a virtual classroom and offers a fully interactive experience, with small class sizes. Participants are able to ask live questions; either by using their microphone or by typing into the Q&A or chat boxes.

Duration: 20 hours
Scheduled course price: £1,060 + VAT per delegate

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