Negotiation Skills [a Cambridge Network Course]

When we are persuading someone of something – whether bidding for resources, gaining support for a policy, creating a positive working relationship or winning respect from colleagues and customers – we are using our influencing skills.

Negotiation Skills Training Course

In the world of matrix management, flatter structures, project working and inter-professional multidisciplinary services, we often find ourselves needing to get something from those we don’t manage, and who perhaps don’t seem to think like we do. Very often the need to influence others involves the art of reciprocation (give and take) a vital part of effective negotiation.

This course aims to help you develop your influencing skills and prepare you for future negotiations.

Learning objectives

  • How to achieve a mutual compromise where all parties are in agreement
  • To learn some tools to use in negotiating
  • Different negotiation strategies
  • Negotiation; Who does what, when and what documentation is applicable over several areas
  • Negotiation skills with external companies and third party contractors
  • How to plan a negotiation
  • Negotiation skills with my colleagues
  • How to reach an effective compromise when negotiating with two opposing opinions


Playing the game – Knowing the rules

  • Introduction exercise – The currency game
  • Possible outcomes
  • Creating the right mindset (You/Them)
  • Terminology and rules (give/get, win/win, building Trust)

The Negotiation Process

  • Five steps to success
  • Staying in control
  • Practice – Browsers Bookshop
  • Feedback and learning

Influencing people-situations through the SMART tool

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Motivate the other party
  • Help the other party achieve
  • Make your argument robust
  • Be clear on tactics

Putting it into practice

  • Practice – The Coffee Franchise
  • Group work on personal cases (pre-work)
  • Feedback and learning
Duration: 2 x half daysCredits: 1.9
Max. Delegates: 12Member Cost: £290.00+VAT
 Non-member Cost: £435.00+VAT


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