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Webinar why Biotech candidates really move jobs. For drug discovery hiring managers
Zoom Webinar
8 December 2021

Tom Froggatt, MD of Singular Talent shares insight from his dynamic research and intelligence method that gives biotech companies an ongoing 'market pulse' of candidates. It'll give you the 4 key drivers that motivate biotech candidates to move jobs, how to improve your hiring campaign and attract the best talent.

Cottenham Village Hall, Lambs Lane, Cottenham, CB24 8TA
19 January 2022

Emergency First Aid is a necessary skill required to preserve life and promote recovery in sport or any walk of life.

Negotiation Skills Training Course
19 January 2022 to 26 January 2022

When we are persuading someone of something – whether bidding for resources, gaining support for a policy, creating a positive working relationship or winning respect from colleagues and customers – we are using our influencing skills.

Online - via Zoom
19 January 2022 to 20 January 2022

This training course aims to provide a basic understanding of how to develop, commercialise and manage IP.

20 January 2022 to 10 February 2022
The Centre for Science and Policy is collaborating with Professor Charles Kennel, Director Emeritus at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, to deliver the 2022 series of climate change seminars hosted by...
Online: Virtual Classroom
21 January 2022

This live, instructor-led training course provides an introduction for absolute beginners to gas chromatography and GC-MS. 

21 January 2022

Whether you're a current member, or are interested in joining the Network, and you'd like to learn more about what we can offer, join us on 21st January.

Advanced Presentation Skills Training Course
25 January 2022 to 1 February 2022

This workshop is designed for individuals who present regularly, and want to enhance their already competent skills. The workshop is highly interactive, with research in psychology to get the most out of you and your audience, and practical...

The Equality Pledge logo
26 January 2022

Is your business committed to providing an inclusive environment for staff and customers? Would you like advice on how to become more inclusive and diverse? 

Project Management & Leadership Course Image
26 January 2022 to 27 January 2022

This two-day workshop is aimed at Managers that lead teams and projects and who already have some basic knowledge and understanding of the workings of projects.

Babraham Research Campus
27 January 2022

This workshop is designed to enable Laboratory Managers and Supervisors, Stores Managers and Facilities Managers to effectively identify and control compressed gases safety.

1 February 2022 to 3 February 2022

This course is designed to help management- and executive-level employees with little or no background in IT or technology get to grips with digital technologies and the strategies for adopting them. Your staff in all departments, from operations...

1 February 2022

This seminar explores some of the steps you can take to add value to your technology business before and during the sale process, and looks at the key elements you should consider to ensure you get the timing right when selling.

Effective Line Management Training Course
1 February 2022 to 9 February 2022

Designed to capture the key knowledge and skills required to manage effectively in a full or partially remote-working environment, this course will enable line managers, supervisors and team leaders to feel more confident in their ability to...

Transition to Management Training Course
1 February 2022 to 15 February 2022

The ‘first line manager’ role is unique in organisations as this person is the one level who manages ‘non-managers’. This brings its own set of hurdles to overcome, and for people new to managing others there is a lot to learn.

Transition to Leadership Training Course Image
2 February 2022 to 23 February 2022

We have our natural leadership style but unless we are aware of it, we will be unable to flex when required and the morale and resilience of the team will be negatively affected.

Interviewing Skills Training Course
3 February 2022

Successful recruitment is about finding the right person for the job. This means finding the person who has that unique mixture of first-class abilities and is a good cultural fit.

7 February 2022 to 8 February 2022

Respond in the moment with confidence and credibility – every time. This course is about building or developing the skill of being able to respond effectively, in real time, to any and every question or challenge thrown at you – however...

9 February 2022

Assertiveness is not always about getting your own way, but it is about being able to confidently express your own needs. This workshop is about understanding what assertiveness really means to you, and how to be more assertive when you need to...

21 February 2022 to 11 April 2022

Over the course of this six week (plus one week pre-programme) online coaching programme, participants are equipped with the skills to coach professionally and ethically within an organisation, and to disseminate this cultural coaching style at...

Coaching for Managers Training Course
22 February 2022

Extensive research has demonstrated that successful organisations practise and encourage a growth mindset. This is the belief that our basic qualities can be cultivated through effort and help from others. This means that everyone can change and...