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Cancer Diagnostic Technology Summit
11 May 2021 to 14 May 2021

The Cancer Diagnostic Technology Summit brings together academic, clinical and commercial leaders to discuss latest developments and future opportunities for diagnostic technology to improve cancer survival rates.  The virtual conference is organised by Imperial College Cancer Technology Network and Sensor100.

14 May 2021

The Cambridge Network virtual jobs & careers fair will bring you up to speed with many of the most recent job vacancies in the area.

18 May 2021

Every Office 365 subscription comes with Microsoft Defender included as the first line of defence in threat protection. In this webinar, you will cover the basic setup of Defender, how to optimise it for your needs, and the features available from different Microsoft subscription options.

5 July 2021 to 6 July 2021

Our flagship conference, ON Helix, brings our network together to present and discuss the main innovation and technology trends in healthcare research and development. Following 2020 and the way the life science community combined resources,...

Virtual Delivery
7 July 2021

Are you investing in your leaders to ensure that they are future-fit? This CMI qualification is aimed at practising or aspiring managers and leaders who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owner. It can be completed as a...

Blog Writing
8 July 2021

Writing alluring blogs and online articles can build awareness of your company, or brand, and help you attract new customers, partners, and investors. Find out all you need to know in this half day course.

8 July 2021

In this quarter we will take on SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Online - via Zoom
13 July 2021 to 14 July 2021

CIIPM’s Commercial Patent Search & Analysis training provides an overview of search and analysis techniques for patent landscape business decision making. 

14 July 2021

These days, local authorities outsource a number of goods and services, be that building services, catering or IT. How do they decide which supplier to contract, and how can local businesses, especially smaller ones, win bids for these contracts...

14 July 2021 to 15 July 2021

The course is a ‘one-stop-shop’ outlining the major scientific tools of drug discovery, namely: Drug Discovery Biology, ADMET/PK/PD, Medicinal Chemistry, Informatics/Virtual technologies and how these contributions are phased over time and...

Virtual Delivery
21 July 2021

This CMI qualification is aimed at practicing or aspiring managers who supervise or manage a team. Can be completed as a profesional qualification or as a diploma through an apprenticeship. 

3 August 2021

This workshop is founded on the growing body of research demonstrating the benefits of strengths-based approaches to managing ourselves and our organisations.  More than just another “string to their bow”, adopting a strength-based...

Online - via Zoom
11 August 2021 to 12 August 2021

An introduction for those who would like to understand more about Intellectual Property.

Eagle Labs, 7-8 Clifton Court, Cambridge, CB1 7BN
14 September 2021

This training course will give you the knowledge and understanding to effectively support your autistic employees within the workplace.

Online - via Zoom
22 September 2021 to 23 September 2021

Core Patent Search Skills (CPSS) covers the essential knowledge and skills needed for successful patent searching.

NEC Birmingham
28 September 2021 to 29 September 2021

This is the UK & Ireland’s leading event for medical design and manufacturing technology. Med-Tech Innovation Expo brings together designers, engineers, innovators and manufacturers from across the medical and healthcare sectors to explore...

Minute Taking with Confidence Course
1 October 2021

This single day workshop will help you to prepare, produce and polish minutes with confidence and is designed for delegates at all levels.

The Møller Institute
4 October 2021

The Møller Institute's Cambridge Advanced Executive Coaching Programme can take your coaching practice to the next level, whilst supporting leaders to avoid pitfalls and drive sustainable performance.

12 October 2021

A live virtual seminar to explore how technology businesses are valued and how value can be added during the business sale process. We will also discuss the current state of M&A across the technology sector.

Online - via Zoom
13 October 2021 to 14 October 2021

This training course provides the fundamentals required to conduct Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches.

Online Webinar
21 October 2021

The CEO and founder of  NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, described the artificial intelligence revolution as “a once in a lifetime opportunity” to show leadership in the field. 

Online - via Zoom
10 November 2021 to 11 November 2021

This training course looks at advanced strategies for conducting Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches

The Møller Institute
14 November 2021

The Explorer Mindset is a unique senior leadership development programme for the 21st Century.