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Assertiveness is not always about getting your own way, but it is about being able to confidently express your own needs. This workshop is about understanding what assertiveness really means to you, and how to be more assertive when you need to be.

This training course will give you the knowledge and understanding to effectively support your autistic employees within the workplace.

For PAs, EAs, Secretaries and Administrative Professionals. This Workshop is based around effective outcome thinking, communication and awareness tools. The tools utilise Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques that have been developed and utilised by leading edge organisations in order to achieve excellence.

Writing alluring blogs and online articles can build awareness of your company, or brand, and help you attract new customers, partners, and investors.

A coaching approach to management provides a practical way for managers to encourage a growth mindset in their staff and in the organisation as a whole. This workshop provides a simple and effective coaching approach to conversations, in both the real and virtual world.

Aimed at anyone who wants to improve their spoken communication, particularly for presentations and pitches.

In person or online, speaking in front of a group can be hard. You need tools to create concise, engaging material and then deliver it in a way that looks confident, grabs your audience's attention and keeps it until the very end...

Learn how to be more creative: discover how to push your thinking in different ways and directions and learn techniques that will lead you to explore untrodden avenues.

This workshop aims to pare right back to the fundamentals; who is our customer and what do we know about their wants and needs? What do we want them to be, do, think, feel and say about us? From there it’s about building the skills, competence and confidence to deliver – right first time, every time.

As colleagues and professionals, we all must work with each other, and the rewards for doing so are clear. This course will provide new insights and a toolkit of skills to help you manage challenging people and situations.

Develop your resilience skills and learn how to use these skills as an anti-dote to the everyday stressors we experience.

Refresh the essential skills of good communication, focus on the development of your individual communication style, and learn how to embed positive communication in your organisation.

Develop a full range of approaches, skills and techniques to help you manage giving and receiving effective feedback. A selection of frameworks will enable you to have ‘constructive’ conversations.

Designed to capture the key knowledge and skills required to manage effectively in a full or partially remote-working environment, this course will enable line managers, supervisors and team leaders to feel more confident in their ability to manage, encourage and inspire others.

Gain the skills, tools and confidence needed to facilitate effectively. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who needs to work with groups to achieve change and improve effectiveness.

This course is designed to send you back into your businesses confident in your understanding and application of basic financial terms and concepts.

Research shows that strengths-based approaches can measurably increase engagement and effectiveness – as well as improving teamwork. Learn how to adopt a strengths-based approach in the development of yourself and your teams.

How to use Excels tools to quickly retrieve, view and summarise information in numerous ways.

Have you left meetings wishing that you had spoken out or had a greater share of the airtime?
Recognising that people are different, have you wondered how you can adapt your style of communication to better connect with others?
Learn a consistently effective model of influence that you can deploy when needed.

This course provides a practical approach to the recruitment and selection process, with tips and techniques to help you to structure interviews, ask key, searching questions and present your business in the best way possible.

This workshop aims to “get under the skin” of how a team can be truly high performing, and the leadership skills that are required to achieve this.

Do you have a team that you need to lead through a period of change, and want to explore best practice?

Change is often treated as another project to be managed and completed when the plan says it is. Thinking about change as a messy, people-oriented set of challenges might be more helpful, and this workshop aims to explore the knowledge...

Delivered by CPSL Mind, this workshop gives managers the skills and confidence to have meaningful conversations with staff about wellbeing, to understand the impact of work related stress on mental health and to know where to get more help to support staff.

This workshop will help you to prepare, produce and polish minutes with confidence and is designed for delegates at all levels. It includes both writing skills and interpersonal techniques. It will also build the confidence you need to take control and elicit the information you need to write excellent minutes.

Good managers are interested in knowing what they can do to help create an environment in which each member of their team can be motivated and give their best. This can be challenging, as people are very different! This half-day workshop will explore the impact that managers’ behaviour can have, and positive actions that can be taken.

Explore the techniques and behaviours used by skilled negotiators and the importance of developing a sound negotiation strategy.

The New Managers’ Peer Learning programme brings together managers who are new to the role of managing people. It is a collaborative learning group, focusing on empowering delegates to identify common challenges then identify practical solutions.

This workshop is designed for individuals who present regularly, and want to enhance their already competent skills. The workshop is highly interactive, with research in psychology to get the most out of you and your audience, and practical exercises to enhance key skills whilst building confidence within a supportive environment.

This workshop is designed for individuals who have little or no experience of presenting. The training course provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to practice skills and gain confidence in their presentation ability.

Aimed at Managers that lead teams and projects, this workshop assumes that delegates have basic knowledge with some experience and understanding of project working, and that they are responsible for running at least one project. The focus is on the leadership aspects of project working, whilst still covering tools and techniques.

This one day workshop is aimed at people who want to understand the fundamental principles of project working, typically team members with some elements of project management in their day-to-day role or for those who regularly participate in project teams. It assumes little previous project management knowledge.

Whether you have to persuade someone to buy, invest, buy into, change, or do something, understanding the psychology behind how we are persuaded and why we resist is essential for an effective result. This workshop will give you an insight into the psychology of persuasion and the tools to enhance your approach.

According to Daniel Pink (author of To Sell Is Human), we are all in sales now whether or not we like to admit it. This one day course is for professionals who are not in a formal sales role but have a responsibility to bring in revenue, client acquisition and/or grow existing clients as part of their role.

This session is about being strategic – using social media advertising, dealing with negativity, setting goals and running campaigns. You have the basics, now it’s time to really make your social media activity as effective as it can be.

We can offer a range of IT courses for a range of software and technical packages, at all levels of competency and all software versions.

This peer learning group is an excellent way to reinforce existing management skills and to meet your peers across other industries. The small group addresses particular issues chosen by the group in a real-life environment.

Is your product or service worthy of media attention? But you don’t know how to get a journalist interested?
Which is highly frustrating, because you understand that a mention in the press will bring in new customers, investors and partners.
Find out how know to raise the profile of your company by attracting the attention of a news...

Respond in the moment with confidence and credibility – every time. This course is about building or developing the skill of being able to respond effectively, in real time, to any and every question or challenge thrown at you – however unexpected.

Time is one of the most important assets at work and everyone has a responsibility to ensure it is well managed. You will develop strategies and techniques to bring about real, sustainable change and learn how to organise yourself to be most effective.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with the tools, techniques & confidence to successfully run your own in-house training courses.

We have our natural leadership style but unless we are aware of it, we will be unable to flex when required and the morale and resilience of the team will be negatively affected.

This virtual programme comprises of four virtual sessions combined with comprehensive pre and post exercises/activities structured and designed to optimise...

The ‘first line manager’ role is unique in organisations as this person is the one level who manages ‘non-managers’. This brings its own set of hurdles to overcome and for people new to managing others there is a lot to learn.

Tackling the problems of translating complicated ideas and concepts into understandable terms for the non-expert, this course is for people who's job entails communicating to inform, educate and influence others.

Unconscious biases can unknowingly affect our attitudes, behaviours and decision-making. Raising self-awareness, and understanding our own unconscious biases, means that we can consider situations more objectively and make more accurate decisions.