42 Technology invests in total office makeover to help keep staff safe

42 Technology, the product development and engineering consultancy, has completely revamped its offices and development laboratories over the summer to increase COVID security and enable staff to return to collaborative work in the offices safely.

New office layouts at 42 Technology keep staff safe

The ‘top to toe’ refurbishment includes new office layouts, additional lab space and lots of changes within the building to help improve staff safety, health and productivity, while the current working restrictions are in place and beyond.

“The reduced loading within our offices over the last few months has given us the perfect opportunity to invest in upgrading our facilities: we’ve kept our labs fully operational throughout and have made excellent use of remote collaboration tools to deliver on all our client work,” said Dr Zane van Romunde, health and safety manager at 42 Technology and head of the consultancy’s industrial and transport sectors.

“For some of the multi-disciplinary collaborative R&D projects we take on, there’s no simple substitute for office working. Our objective with the office makeover has been to ensure that whenever staff feel they can work more effectively here rather than at home, then they can come into the office without hesitation. And at the same time, 42 Technology is now ready for all staff to return whenever they need to.”

To help free up as much internal space as possible, 42 Technology has taken additional offsite storage and converted the top floor of its building, which was previously occupied by meeting and storage rooms, to accommodate 20 staff workstations. All desks are spaced well apart across two floors and face the same way to enable social distanced working. Two additional open-plan kitchens have been installed to avoid the risk of overcrowding, every employee has their own personal locker, and extra showers have been put in as more staff are cycling to work rather than travelling by public transport.

42 Technology has reconfigured its development laboratories to create more space and has introduced horseshoe-shaped work bays, where each project has its own bay to limit people having to move around. The company has also invested in several additional pieces of the most widely used test and other laboratory equipment to stop different teams having to share.

In addition, 42 Technology’s in-house development facilities have been further expanded with a new dedicated electronics laboratory area elsewhere within the building. This new laboratory will allow each electronics engineer to have their own personal work zone with their desk, lab bench and R&D equipment all next to each other.

The refurbishment programme and building works were carried out in partnership with Alexander Green Office Interiors in Royston, who designed the new layouts, and with Stevenage-based Division One providing a complete build, installation and project management service.

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