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Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre at the Judge Institute of Management runs its 5th Annual Summer School this week.

Over 40 delegates will take part in an intensive six-day programme which aims to give the tools, contacts and the confidence to transform ideas into a successful business venture. Delegates from companies such as TTPCom, BT, ARM and Globespan Virata will learn alongside solo scientists, entrepreneurs and students from across the country with Science and Technology based ideas from across the country.

Many students are getting the opportunity to attend, where otherwise they may find it difficult to afford such a course, through the funding by the CMI National Competitiveness Network.

The credibility of the teaching comes from the fact that most of the sessions are run by experienced entrepreneurs, who have faced the challenges the new entrepreneurs will face and can use their experience and knowledge to help the aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the 60 hours or more of teaching that takes place in this intensive week, only 10 of these are lectures, the real learning comes from the workshops and practical assignments that the delegates undertake, with the help of the session leaders and their mentors.

By the end of the week delegates have tested their idea in a safe environment, worked on new skills and developed a network of important contacts that will prove invaluable to them in their journey from science to enterprise.

Contributors to the Summer School include: Herman Hauser - Amadeus Capital Partners; Walter Herriot - Director, St John's Innovation Centre; Sandra Dawson - Director of the Judge Institute of Management; Ken Shaw - Benchmark; Karan Bilimoria - Founder of Cobra Beer; David Gough - Founder of First Instar Ltd.

The Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC) is part of the Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge's business school. The CEC began operation in October 1999 following the award of 2.9 million of seed funding from the Office of Science and Technology (OST) 'Science Enterprise Challenge'.

The formation of CEC represented a significant step in the on-going development of the University of Cambridge's strategy for commercial exploitation of science and technology.The background to the formation of the Centre rests on a number of initiatives in the Cambridge area and within the University of Cambridge.

One of the most significant initiatives was the Cambridge Network's 'Programme for Entrepreneurs', launched in 1998.The vision of CEC is to ensure that Cambridge is acknowledged as the leading centre for knowledge-based entrepreneurship in Europe.


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The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School aims to inspire, enable and research entrepreneurship.

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