Anthias Consulting launches new range of courses for 2013


Anthias Consulting, a Cambridge-based consultancy in analytical chemistry, is excited to extend the range of courses it is offering on Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, specifically focused on providing practical experience.

Taking feedback from its participants at its RSC recognised 5-day Complete GC & GC-MS course, Anthias is now offering an extended range of Hands-on courses. These courses have a maximum of four participants and provide a mixture of classroom based presentations with at least 50% hands-on software and hardware exercises to give the participant comprehensive training in both the theory and the practice of techniques.

The new courses provided are:

AMDIS Basics 1-day £195

This 1-day classroom based course teaches you the theory of how to use the powerful Automated Mass Spectral Deconvolution and Identification System software to process your GC-MS data through presentations and demonstrations by the course instructor.

Hands on AMDIS 2-day £450

This 2-day practical software course on the powerful Automated Mass Spectral Deconvolution and Identification System software mixes presentations with practical exercises using the software to get a good grasp of the software's capabilities in processing your GC-MS data.

Hands-on GCxGC Operator course 2-day £800

This 2-day practical course is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of GCxGC with flow modulation with the operation of the Agilent GCxGC CFT flow modulator and the Zoex GC Image software. This course includes an introduction to comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography; selection and installation of the column set into the flow modulator; creation of GCxGC methods using Chemstation; optimisation of a diesel sample using the standard column set; and analysis of the data produced using GCImage software. 

We have also taken the opportunity to revamp many of our existing Hands-On training courses.

These courses mix theory and hands-on practicals in a lab environment in a very small group size with a maximum of 4 participants. You can attend the full course all at once or, learn from selected individual days – see the website for more information. These courses have been divided into the following key areas:

Complete Hands-On GC and GC-MS 5-day £1550

The Complete Hands-On GC & GC-MS course combines the 5 individual hands-on days covering Gas Chromatography, GC Maintenance, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, (GC-)MS Maintenance and GC-MS troubleshooting. 

Hands-on Sample Preparation 4-day £1350

The Hands-On Sample Preparation course combines the 4 individual hands-on sample preparation days covering Headspace, SPME, Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis. 

Hands-on Advanced GC Techniques 3-day £1050

The Hands-On Advanced GC Techniques course combines the 3 advanced GC courses on the Programmable Temperature Vaporiser (PTV), Large Volume Injection (LVI) and GCxGC Software. 

A recent participant of a Hands-on course, a research technician, said he enjoyed “the ability to actually see the instrument work and the knowledge of the presenter”. 

These courses will be held at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. The laboratory has instrumentation from multiple manufacturers covering gas chromatography techniques such as comprehensive multi-dimensional gas chromatography, PTV injectors, autosamplers, thermal desorbers and pyrolysers. 

Diane Turner, Senior Consultant and Director of Anthias said, “We are delighted to extend the range of our Anthias Courses. We have provided training on AMDIS and GCxGC for some time now directly to our customers but with our brilliant collaboration with the Applied Science and Technology Group at the Open University we are now in a position to offer it to a wider audience who can gain the experience of our consultants with the use of the state-of-art equipment in the OU’s labs.”

Courses can be booked online, or email for a booking form.



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