Wanted: Home locked in feline turf-war


Holdsworth Associates is working together with SureFlap, the microchip-operated pet door company in their ‘Neighbourhood Cat Campaign’, a project aiming to tackle feline turf-wars.

SureFlap to tackle complex feline neighbourhood politics 

The stress caused by cats invading a resident cat’s home or garden can have serious health implications and cause stress-related conditions such as cystitis and skin conditions.

Simple changes to your garden can make a huge improvement to your cat’s wellbeing. 

SureFlap are looking for a cat owner who is experiencing problems with a neighbourhood cat and would like some advice. There would be no cost involved; but you must live in the East of England and be happy for the BBC to film some before and after shots of your garden. 

The campaign is supported by Jon Bowen, animal behaviour consultant at the Royal Veterinary College. Jon would be able to provide you with advice tailored to your situation and tell you more about your cat. 

If you are experiencing cat related problems and think the Neighbourhood Cat Campaign is something you would like to be a part of, please contact Victoria Ellis on 01954 202789 or by email victoria@holdsworth-associates.co.uk 


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