Patent published for Lumora’s novel sample preparation technology


Lumora, a provider of state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic products for the clinical and industrial market, has received a patent for its Heat Elution Sample Preparation technology, which has the potential to help commercial laboratories simplify the process and save valuable time and money in sample preparation.

The new sample preparation technique, Heat Elution, uses the power produced by heat lysis in a sealed vessel to drive elution through inhibitor removing materials, a by-product of sample preparation. By adding the sample to inhibitor removing materials in a sealed environment, the pressure caused by the heat lysis is able to cause elution, the process of separating the materials for testing. This means there is no need for complex and costly robotics or pumps, yet nucleic acids are produced in a suitably pure form ready for PCR or isothermal amplification. The process also combines purification with the heat lysis step, removing several steps from the sample preparation.

In addition to reducing the time needed for sample preparation, studies have indicated that this process may well improve sensitivity compared with traditional techniques.

The international patent number is International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2013/050846.

Laurence Tisi, CEO of Lumora said: "Sample preparation is a significant part of any scientists work when testing samples. Current techniques can be complex, labour intensive and expensive. We believe that this technique along with other sample prep technologies we are developing will help save a significant amount of time, effort and cost. Our aim is not only to make sample preparation easier and allow it to be done in non-specialised facilities, meaning it could be easily deployed in the developing world for tackling diseases such as HIV."

Hayden Jeffreys, Commercial Director of Lumora, added: "Anything that reduces the time spent in sample preparation could provide significant cost savings to commercial labs by reducing the amount of time required for testing. Not only does this process reduce the time required for sample preparation, data also shows that it has an increased sensitivity when compared with traditional sample preparation."

The patent news is another milestone for Lumora this year, which also includes a deal with Promega to provide reagents, a deal with Biogal to provide veterinary diagnostics and a partnership with FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) to develop a novel malaria diagnostic.


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