SolidWorks widely used in the Cambridge region


SolidWorks, the market-leading 3D professional design tool used by 2.2 million designers worldwide to design their products, is widely used in a broad range of industries within the Cambridge area.

Innova Systems, the region's leading SolidWorks supplier, presented the 22nd release of their flagship SolidWorks 2014 product to 150 customers at Duxford last week.

Mark Bradford, Managing Director at Innova Systems, discussed the growing eco system that the SolidWorks brand had created within the worldwide design professional community. "The core principles of SolidWorks have remained unchanged since it was first introduced back in 1995. Powerful and affordable software tools for the designer, that are easy to use and provide a rapid return on investment. But you do need to be trained properly - and also provided with high quality Technical support through the most highly trained support team within the community."

Companies invest in SolidWorks software and in professional training of their people, so the company can address the challenges of developing new products into the market more quickly, with higher quality and at a lower cost. These products are the lifeblood of the business - and in competitive marketplaces it is critical to drive innovation and creativity, to make sure the business stays ahead of the game.

SolidWorks design data, captured in the form of models and engineering drawings describe the exact detail to manufacture and assemble products. This data is electronically shared between the design authority and their customers or manufacturing partners - thus speeding up the time in which the designs and  design changes can be made.

One of the major success factors is the number of Graduates entering the world of work with SolidWorks design skills gained at their school, College or University, meaning they can hit the ground running.

The Cambridge region is well known for hi tech product development, comprising design consultants, developers of high tech electronics and consumer  products. There are so many products that we don't see, used in factories to wrap the food you pick up in your local supermarket, to the first single seat Aeroplane designed, built and manufactured in the region for many years, to advanced agricultural machinary.

The common design tool helping to solve all of these complex design challenges will be SolidWorks, the most widely used 3D professional design tool in the world.


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