Looking for a career in innovation?


There has never been a better time for a career in Cambridge, especially in the technology sector.

Natural sciences and engineering opportunities are increasing at a break-neck pace as local businesses grow, new businesses are started, and existing business are drawn to Cambridge.   All are fuelled by Cambridge’s unique mix of a deep pool of technical talent, entrepreneurial environment, and the confidence that comes from over 50 years of successful growth of technology businesses.

Among the blue-chip enterprises and start-ups, the Cambridge area benefits enormously from the large number of technology consultancies, often more commonly referred to as Technology and Product Development companies.   As the book, The Cambridge Phenomenon, describes, “A unique characteristic of the Cambridge Phenomenon is the cluster of technology consultancies”.

Dominated by the four major ones – Cambridge Consultants, PA Consulting Group, Sagentia and TTP Group – they have been among the powerhouses of innovation in Cambridge over the last few decades.    A major attraction of the technology consultancies for those seeking a role in the technology sector is that they blend technology careers with innovation and provide an immersion into the world of business and enterprise.

The technology consultancy sector is booming, and is strongly recruiting talented engineers and scientists with an interest in world-class development, innovation, and business enterprise.  If this appeals to you, the company websites provide lots of information, or a great way to learn more is to come and meet one of the “big four”, TTP Group, which is  holding a recruitment event next Tuesday (3rd June) from 5.30pm to 8pm at the Møller Centre. 

For more information about the event please visit: www.ttpgroup.com/jobs/recruitment_event



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TTP is an independent technology company where scientists and engineers collaborate to invent, design and develop new products and technologies. Working across a wide spectrum of industries including health, telecoms, industrials and consumer, TTP creates breakthrough solutions that bring strong commercial value to clients and the benefits of technology to all.

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