Negative? No. Positive? Yes.


In this post, communication coach Jon Torrens explains how negative thinking can be used to create great presentations.


Jon writes:

For F's Sake

Every morning, I experience moments of frustration, fear, fury and other emotions beginning with ‘f’. The combination of the family breakfast/getting dressed ritual – while simultaneously going through the day’s tasks – overloads my tiny brain. I know that I should be mindful, in the moment, and generally prioritizing things correctly, but I can’t help myself. There’s important stuff to do today and we need to get moving!

Reverse Gear

Fortunately my stand-up comedy experience taught me something wonderful to provide me with the focus and energy to complete the day’s work with ease:

Flip it. Whatever adrenaline is pumping through your veins can be channelled into the positive creation of a presentation:

  • Frustrated? Get writing – speaking out against the unfairness of the everyday can be funny and create a connection with your audience. Your writing may simply be mentally noting things to write later.
  • Fearful? Get moving – everything in your body is preparing you to move physically, so go with it, and rehearse your presentation.
  • Annoyed? Use that energy to ruthlessly edit your material and slides.

Turn it around like this and you’ll transfer all the bad stuff away from you while also doing a task better. In your face, problems!

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