Need Confidence? Run.


In this post, communication coach explains how running will help with your speaking confidence.


Jon writes:

I run occasionally, because I enjoy it and it help keeps me in shape. Here’s how it helps me with my presentations:

  1. Discipline. Putting in hard work regularly makes you better at sticking at a task, even when a presentation’s material seems to be impossible to improve upon.
  2. Courage. Speaking in front of a group is intimidating, but knowing that when it counts you apply yourself means you’ll feel a lot more confident. Trust me.
  3. Extremes for small improvements. Smart runners know that including hills, sprints and off-road sessions increases their speed for a flat road race more effectively, in less time and far more enjoyably than just pounding the pavements repeatedly. Do the same for your speaking confidence by including something tougher, briefer and ultimately more interesting than just rehearsing: stand-up comedy, amateur dramatics, or just striking up a conversation with a complete stranger on the train. Pull yourself into different ‘shapes’ and you’ll find that you’re using your mind in new ways.

Don’t forget to stretch.

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Jon Torrens