The greatest trick you ever pulled


Communication coach Jon Torrens explains the way to deliver magic when speaking in front of a group.


Jon writes:

Your greatest presentation, pitch or speech:

You get up in front of an audience and deliver with absolute confidence and conviction. The audience are never in any doubt as to your credibility.

It’s an amazing trick, and you can pull it off if you prepare correctly. Those magical, improvising speakers? They didn’t pull that talk or pitch out of their hat; no, they wrote, re-wrote, and rehearsed every part, every gesture, until it was part of them in a way so that they could draw on the elements without having to think about the process, allowing them to be in the moment. They weren’t born with a gift, they just put in the work.

You can do exactly the same, you just have to invest something important: time. Put that in and you’ll give your audience something special, and pull off the greatest trick ever.



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