Silver Falcon Mining reaps benefits of VNC remote access and control


Silver Falcon Mining, a developer and explorer of mineral resources specializing in gold and silver, is saving time and money with RealVNC’s cross-platform VNC® solution for remote desktop access and control.

With most of its mining operations in remote south west Idaho and offices in Florida, New York and Toronto, senior Silver Falcon Mining executives visiting the mine now have access to accounting information and mine mapping software on their desktop PCs, located thousands of kilometres away. In addition, support technicians based in Toronto can also fix complex IT problems and do routine maintenance and updates without having to spend days out travelling to the mine.

VNC Enterprise Edition provides a flexible and cost effective solution to support remote and mobile working, increasing productivity whilst saving money and reducing downtime. With an easy to deploy and use remote interface, Silver Falcon Mining executives can instantly access and share information across different locations. One of the reasons for choosing RealVNC is that the VNC solution works well and reliably over the microwave link needed to communicate with the inaccessible location of the company’s mining operations.

“Since implementing VNC on site and throughout our offices, we have made substantial savings on travel costs and system downtime, “ said Christian Quilliam, Chief Operating Officer at Silver Falcon Mining. “I can sit at our mill in Idaho and use VNC to access my email, applications and information from my office PC in Toronto - I can’t begin to tell you how valuable this really is.”

One of the many benefits of VNC Enterprise Edition is that it supports the widest range of operating systems, from Windows and Macintosh through to UNIX, making it ideal for multi-platform corporate environments. With its simple peer-to-peer architecture, VNC Enterprise Edition comprises a lightweight VNC Server application on the machine to be controlled and a VNC Viewer component on the controlling machine. With no agents or centralized servers required, VNC Enterprise Edition enables trouble-free installation and use.


About RealVNC
RealVNC’s software solutions are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world in both desktop and mobile platforms for remote access and control. The technology is used in every sector of industry, commerce, government and education. Founded by the original inventors of VNC, RealVNC is the only organisation able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC remote access capability in third-party products and offerings.

About Silver Falcon Mining
Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (OTC:QB SMFI), is a developer and explorer of mineral resources, specializing in gold and silver properties, primarily in Idaho, US. Silver Falcon Mining, Inc., has acquired the rights to develop and operate the mines of GoldLand Holdings, Co., a site of approximately 2,000 acres on War Eagle Mountain, situated on the Owyhee Gold Trend of the Silver City Mining District in southern Idaho. The War Eagle properties of GoldLand Holdings, Co., have produced $270 Million in gold and silver to date.



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