Marshall Motor Group and MG Rover


Statement issued by Marshall Motor Group at 12 noon, Friday, 8th April, 2005

Marshall Motor Group continues to monitor very closely the ongoing news as it breaks about the future of MG Rover, following the apparent collapse of the joint venture discussions with Shanghai Automotive (SAIC).

Whilst clearly Marshall has concerns about the impact this news may have on its own business and employees, the Company is also concerned for its many MG Rover customers, who may be worried about how this news may affect them and their cars. The situation and how anyone may be affected is, regrettably, far from clear.

All three of the Marshall Motor Group's MG Rover dealerships are open for business as usual and will continue as always to do their best to look after their customers and their cars.

Marshall has large stocks of new and used MG and Rover cars available for sale and, following the sale in 2004 by MG Rover of their parts business to Caterpillar, the Company remains confident that parts supply to its workshops will be largely unaffected.

Once the position is clear, hopefully within the next few days, Marshall Motor Group will write directly to all of its MG Rover customers to update them on any changes and how they may be affected by them.

Roger Knight, Chief Executive of Marshall Motor Group said: 'Naturally we are concerned about the overnight developments regarding MG Rover and how this may affect our business and our employees. Our equal priority, however, is to reassure our customers that we will continue to monitor events closely and do all we can to minimise any impact on them.'

The Marshall Motor Group's relationship with MG Rover and its forebears goes right back to 1920, so after 85 years of continuous association, the Company is deeply saddened by the news that is emerging and hopes that a satisfactory outcome may be achieved, as quickly as possible, for all those involved or affected by this.

Further statements will be issued as the situation becomes clear.


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