Xaar extends Lyson, Inc's Grand Format ink distribution agreement


Xaar plc, a market leading inkjet technology company, and Lyson, Inc, a leading provider of inks, media and related products to the printing, photography, graphic arts and other allied industries are pleased to announce an extension of their current brand licensing agreement.

This extension will allow Lyson to extend its geographic distribution area to include Canada for its quality GF 362 and GF372 grand format inks which are certified compatible with Xaar's XJ128.

Lyson were the first company in America to receive Xaar's seal of approval for usage with Xaar's world leading piezoelectric printhead technology in Central, South America and the Caribbean in 2004.

"We have been delighted with the uptake of the Xaar certified inks in our South American markets" said Tony Martin, President of Lyson Inc. "Xaar technology means 'exceptional quality' to everyone involved in the inkjet industry, and for Xaar to be extending our brand licensing agreement with GF inks is a wonderful endorsement of the quality of the Lyson inks.

"Canada has a significant grand format graphics industry but we also see the applications for the Xaar inkjet technologies are growing all the time and are therefore keen to strengthen our presence in the Canadian marketplace," commented Xaar CEO Ian Dinwoodie. "Obviously we are more than happy with the co-branding agreement we have in place with Lyson, Inc, and this move into the Canadian territory is a really positive step for both companies."

"Xaar now has a North American integrating presence in Vivid Print Innovations, San Antonio which we confidently expect to deliver a range of customer solutions featuring Xaar's innovative inkjet printhead technology. To have an ink partner based in the US too is a wonderful boost for the next phase in our development plans," Dinwoodie added.

Renowned for their ease of use, exceptional reliability, and world leading colour gamut and density Lyson GF inks have a shelf life rated at 18 months - achieved through innovative Lyson Production techniques, which allow pigments to stay in suspension for longer periods and eliminate the need to shake or adjust viscosity prior to use. Lyson has the widest range of solvent inks for graphics printing currently available. To find out more about Lyson GF inks certified for use with Xaar print head technology, or for more technical information, contact sales@lysonusa.com


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Based in Cambridge, UK Xaar plc is a market-leading inkjet technology company. It targets the world's industrial, commercial, and office printing markets. The industrial and commercial printing markets are targeted by Xaar\'s own range of ink jet products in conjunction with leading industry partners and other key players in those markets. Additional information about Xaar is available at www.xaar.co.uk

About Lyson

Headquartered at Elk Grove, IL Lyson, Inc is the North American operation of Lyson, Ltd., a privately-owned company based in Stockport, UK. Lyson specializes in the development and production of fluids and related produces for the inkjet industry. Lyson's inks and media support all major inkjet print technologies.

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