iTi, Xaar and Vivid Print revolutionize digital label printing


Xaar plc, and its integration subsidiary Vivid Print Innovations (San Antonio, TX, USA), has teamed with imaging Technology international ( iTi -Boulder, CO, USA) to produce an innovative digital web press that integrates the most advanced Xaar digital inkjet technology.

The Digital Web Press (DWP) is a robust production system developed by iTi for industries such as label converters, printed circuit manufacture and biomedical. It is ideal for any application which requires the short run economics of a digital system combined with leading edge positional accuracy. The ability to jet printing inks or specialised fluids at micron accuracy onto a moving substrate makes the DWP a universal and unique product.

Xaar CEO Ian Dinwoodie commented, "Everyone recognises iTi's capabilities, they have long experience of developing and integrating inkjet into new markets; the DWP is the enabler that will accelerate the rate of adoption of Xaar's inkjet technology into new markets."

Bruce Morgan, CEO of iTi said, "Inkjet is being adopted rapidly by leading manufacturers as a next generation production technology. Inkjet enables digital workflow in traditionally analogue production processes in markets such as printable electronics and industrial packaging.

'Our collaboration with Xaar and their integration subsidiary here in the U.S., Vivid Print, has allowed us to provide customers with an extremely versatile, cutting edge digital manufacturing, labelling and packaging solution in a highly accelerated timeframe."

The Digital Web Press collaboration integrates iTi's material handling, motion control and system design expertise, with Xaar's precision printhead technology and strong engineering support, and the printhead support software and hardware from Vivid Print. iTi is the overall system designer and manufacturer.

"This was a fantastic project to work on," commented Bill Leach, Managing Director of Vivid Print. "iTi knew the market applications they wanted to target, and Xaar printhead technology provided an essential part of the plan. This kind of collaboration speeds up the path to market exponentially."

First units are now shipping and the DWP is available for demonstration at iTi's facility in Boulder, Colorado.

About Xaar

Based in Cambridge, UK Xaar plc is a market-leading inkjet technology company. It targets the world's industrial, commercial, and office printing markets. The industrial and commercial printing markets are targeted by Xaar's own range of ink jet products in conjunction with leading industry partners and other key players in those markets.

About iTi

iTi is an established leader in industrial inkjet applications, with a 13-year track record of engineering, developing and manufacturing industrial inkjet deposition and printing solutions. iTi also offers a comprehensive range of inkjet development tools, including the XY Materials Deposition System, Inkjet Web Press and Drop Watcher product families. iTi's customers include leading printhead suppliers, ink manufacturers, and industrial inkjet users.

About Vivid Print Innovations

Vivid Print Innovations offer a design, integration and machine build service to customers wishing to create a bespoke inkjet printer for packaging printing, specialty graphics printing and industrial printing. Vivid's customers benefit from their ability to move through the whole product development cycle, from inception to production, integrating mechanical, electronic and software engineering to reach the optimal solution in minimal time.

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