Does your company have a problem that needs some innovative thinking?


Experience Entrepreneurship can introduce you to a highly-motivated Cambridge University student who can make a difference to your business.

Your hi-tech company could get help to develop your business plan, product or marketing strategy, or to do some competitor analysis or market research, for example.

The University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC) organises a placement programme for bright students at Cambridge University to undertake projects in small high-tech firms and understand the challenges of setting up a venture. The students available have a wide range of knowledge, including both technical and business skill-sets.

So, if you have a challenging problem that needs working on, or for more information, click for more information, e-mail or call 01223 766900

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The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School aims to inspire, enable and research entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge