Companies are sought to participate in 'Experience Entrepreneurship' scheme


Local companies are being invited to participate in a scheme called 'Experience Entrepreneurship', which gives University students the opportunity to work in entrepreneurial start-ups for a period of time over the summer for mutual benefit.

What is it ?

A work experience scheme designed especially for University junior members (undergraduates and postgraduates) to spend some time working for a start-up company in the Cambridge area.

The scheme is ideal for both technical and non-technical students who wish to experience the daily workings and the atmosphere of a young entrepreneurial venture. It is also rewarding for the company, which takes on an enthusiastic and bright individual who is very keen to make a productive impact on the daily workings of the company.

How does it work ?

The Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC) works closely with St John's Innovation Centre (SJIC) to coordinate the companies and students so that a best possible fit is achieved.

Students are paid a minimum of 150 per week (open to negotiation between the student and the company) to work on pre-determined and important projects for the company for an agreed period.

For undergraduates, this time will be typically for about eight weeks over the summer; postgraduates are generally more flexible. The experience is entirely extra-mural and is for the personal benefit of the student. Students are not expected to write a report for the University but may be required to do so for the company as part of the agreed work schedule.

Has it worked well before?

The scheme ran successfully during the summer vacation of 2000 and placed approximately 40 members of the University in young start-up companies.

Reports from the students and the companies indicated that the placement scheme was mutually rewarding. In some cases, students were offered permanent positions at the end of their degrees or PhDs.

For the scheme to work, it is essential that both students and companies keep in close contact with each other and with the CEC and SJIC during the lead-up placing period.

What should I do to participate ?

Further information, as well as company and student application forms, can be found at

Or you can find out more by writing to either Peter Luebcke (Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre) at or Ruth Puddick (St John's Innovation Centre) at

More information can also be found at:


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