5 thinking models that give us an edge in our personal and professional lives

Have you thought about how we think? This may sound like a strange question. However, intentional thinking is a vital skill that could make a big difference in our personal and professional lives.


You might consider yourself to be a "creative thinker", an "intuitive thinker" or perhaps a "logical thinker"?

We all have our natural thinking styles. 

According to the popular business podcaster Shane Parrish:

"Thinking is the ability to strip away what doesn’t matter from any situation so we can see what does matter" 

Not only are there different thinking styles, but there are also specific 'thinking models'.

When used in the right scenario, these thinking models help us to achieve results quicker and avoid costly mistakes.

These are the top five “thinking models” used in business today:

1. Strategic Thinking

2. Structured Thinking

3. Critical Thinking

4. Fermi Thinking

5. Systems Thinking

For more information on each of these thinking models please download our free short guide from the resources section of the Chris Dunn Consulting website.


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