PA Consulting outlines how to optimise telecoms services for business customers


Markus Hochenbleicher, Consultant in Communication, Entertainment and Media at PA Consulting will explain how 'Adopting a customer-centric approach to optimising products and services for business customers' can give business advantage - paper at IIR's Telecoms Business Services conference - 11.30 hours, Thursday 31 January, London.

Markus, a strategy consultant and business analyst with 14 years' experience in the telecoms arena, will focus on:

- how convergence is changing the competitive telecoms playing field

- understanding customer needs and which innovations they value most

- which business segments to target, ie corporate, SME

- defining what you want to be: fast pipe, standardised product company, system integrator

- better management of development cycle to improve survival chance

The talk will be of particular interest to product, marketing, proposition and account managers, and Marketing, Business Development, Product Development and Sales Support personnel.

IIR's Telecoms Business Services, Tuesday 29 to Thursday 31 January 2008, Hesperia London Victoria Hotel, London, UK.


For more information contact:

Markus Hochenbleicher DL +44 |(0)207 333 5673

Beverley Adams - Marketing DL+44 (0)1763 285260


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