Newcastle GC/GC-MS training course given 5* ratings by delegates


The joint Anthias Consulting – Amoeba Sciences Gas Chromatography (GC) training courses held in Newcastle in January were given an average 5* rating by attending analysts.

The courses provide manufacturer-independent training in all aspects of GC, from the practical theory on gases, sampling and sample introduction techniques, analytical columns, detectors and data analysis (the 3-day Practical Essentials of GC course), to method development, advanced techniques for difficult samples, maintenance and troubleshooting (the 2-day GC Clinic course).


Here are some of the reviews:


“Very good. Well done. I’d recommend it.” 3rd year PhD student, Environmental Engineering.


"A very thorough and complete GC course covering both GC theory and practical applications. I’ve learnt a lot from this course, especially little golden nuggets of info., like that of selective exclusion which I doubt I would have picked up anywhere else." 1st year PhD student, Atmospheric Chemistry.


“Some experience of GC would be good before attending – a lot of information is presented and is easier to follow if you have basic idea of GC. Very good notes. Lots of useful information about method development and important parameters to think about which you don’t get with the training provided by manufacturers - a push button course (e.g. volume of inlet liner).” Laboratory Technician, Chemical Engineering.


“I thought the info given was fantastic. Covered a wide range of things that I didn’t even know were associated with GC. Diane presented very well and clearly and her knowledge on the subject is fantastic.” Laboratory Technician, Geosciences.


Very well organised and friendly. I had no idea there was so much to GC.  Thank you.” Research Fellow, Separation Sciences.


"Good background knowledge on GC techniques & instrumentation (what all the bits do, etc). These were the things I was lacking." Research Technician, Metabolomics.


The next training course in The British Isles will be held in Dublin from the 7th to 11th April 2008. For further information about courses through the rest of Europe and to book visit

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