Promotion makes football clubs top scorers on mobile


Bango and AnimationFC reveal top teams and tactics that make a football club’s mobile site successful.

AnimationFC has been working with Bango to give the UK’s top football clubs a winning presence on the mobile web. Currently helping to develop mobile web sites and deliver content for over 90 Premiership, Championship and League clubs, AnimationFC has revealed the top five best performing sites. In alphabetical order they are, Aston Villa, Glasgow Rangers, Leeds, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.

"Data collected from all of the football sites with the help of Bango Analytics show that the clubs who use instantly visible animated promotions on their club's PC web homepage generate the most sales. Teams like Tottenham Hotspur often accompany features on its star players such as Robbie Keane with links to download mobile photographs and cartoon animations. Features about mobile content online or in match day programmes also have a big impact on visitors and content sales,"  said Gavin Skelhorn, Director of AnimationFC.

AnimationFC creates and supplies content to UK league football clubs, including its unique brand of player animation images and videos that can be downloaded and paid for by fans anywhere in the world. The mobile club sites are powered by Bango’s global payment system to provide fast, easy access and charging for content using a variety of methods from on-bill payment to Paypal and credit/debit card. AnimationFC also provides other official, high quality content including screensavers, wallpapers and realtones, tailored for each club. Learn more at

"Mobile browsing is still a pretty new experience for most football fans so it’s all about getting their attention and showing them what the mobile web offers,” said Skelhorn.

“Visitors need to see what they are going to purchase. For example, if the PC internet promotion offers new 3D-mobile content using static images, fans may simply not click through. That’s why the top performing sites are using real animation with easy to understand instructions to get people to go mobile. Importantly it shows the product for what it is. Making the whole mobile content purchasing experience quick and transparent is also important as fans are visiting the mobile sites from countries all around the world; and this is where Bango comes in."

"The mobile web creates the perfect environment for football clubs to extend their brands to an international fan base and build a new revenue stream," said Ray Anderson CEO, Bango. "One-click transparent billing builds consumer trust and our new Bango Analytics package makes it easy for clubs to measure the success of marketing activities and to optimise campaigns."

About Bango
Bango delivers the technology that makes the mobile web simple for everyone. Bango created the world's first global exchange for the mobile web. By providing a common integration point for brands, businesses and individuals, Bango removes the complexities that make the mobile web difficult to exploit.

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About AnimationFC
AnimationFC is a market leader in the creation of mobile phone content, targeted specifically at the sports and entertainment fan. Our unique range of content includes everything from wallpapers, screensavers and the highest quality mp3 realtones through to mobile games, video downloads and the worlds first officially branded caricature videotones.

Animation FC not only creates and sources some of the most dynamic and unique content in the market place but also supplies the tools and support necessary for a smooth transition for delivering to the consumer’s handset. We sell and distribute not only in the UK and Ireland but also on a worldwide scale through major network operators such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Three and AT&T.

We also offer to our clients and consumers complete billing, statistics and support via email and phone. To compliment our specialization in mobile phone content we also offer services such as web design, wap site development and film and audio production services.


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