Entrepreneurial debate 08: Who should lead emerging technology start-ups?


“Should inventors step up or step down from leading emerging technology start-ups?” The Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) is hosting a special entrepreneurial debate on the subject on Wednesday 14th May at the Cambridge Union Society Debating Chamber.

PhD students from Science and Engineering are joining MBAs from Judge Business School on the Emerging Technologies Entrepreneurship programme developed by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning to work on ‘real technologies’ which have come from within the University of Cambridge. It promises to be a really exciting programme with students from Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Physics and Pathology joining the MBAs for the course.

This means it is a really special year and it is hoped that this will be the start of a new model of participative entrepreneurial learning across disciplines. As such, CfEL wants to end this term with a bang (!) and will be rounding off the course with a public debate. Four high profile people with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives have been invited to speak around the issue, together with four students.

All welcome. For further information and to register your interest, please contact the CfEL team on 01223 766900 or email at cfel@jbs.cam.ac.uk.

Further information on the venue can be found on the web site:


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