WiQuest and DisplayLink collaborate on high performance graphics over wireless USB


DisplayLink and WiQuest Communications are collaborating on interoperability and high performance optimisation of graphics transmission using DisplayLink’s proven USB technology and WiQuest’s production Wireless USB technology.

DisplayLink, the leader in network display technology, and WiQuest Communications, the leader in complete WiMedia Alliance standardised Wireless USB solutions for worldwide PC OEMs, announced today that the two companies are closely collaborating on interoperability and high performance optimisation of graphics transmission using DisplayLink’s proven USB technology and WiQuest’s production Wireless USB technology.

“Our USB graphics technology is the market-leading solution that allows users to easily add an additional monitor through the plug-and-play simplicity of USB,” said Hamid Farzaneh, president and CEO at DisplayLink. “WiQuest has a strong position in the Wireless USB market, and we believe that it is critical to work together on both current and future products to offer the highest level of performance and interoperability to our mutual customers.”

WiQuest’s Wireless USB solutions interoperate with DisplayLink USB adapters and provide a production solution that more than doubles the performance of other products on the market. The close collaboration between the companies includes continued plug-and-play and interoperability testing, seamless Wireless USB operation, and high performance optimisation for a premium user experience.

“Our Wireless USB technology is available in an ever-increasing number of host notebook PC products, so ensuring interoperability and the highest performance with complementary USB devices on the market is extremely important to consumers,” said Steve Perna, president and CEO of WiQuest Communications. “This collaboration will significantly improve the quantity, quality, and functionality of Wireless USB data, video, and audio links between notebook PC hosts and devices.”

Wireless USB technology offers advantages that neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi provides. Bluetooth features limited transfer speeds and is commonly used for wireless headsets, mice and peripheral devices. By contrast, Wireless USB offers unparalleled file transfer speeds and multimedia features while being ten times more power efficient than Wi-Fi, and is ideal for wirelessly transferring and sharing media rich content between devices like PCs, displays, MP3 players, cameras and more.

About DisplayLink
DisplayLink Corp. is a network display chip and software company that helps people to create simple connections between computers and displays – via USB, making the benefits of expanded visual workspace available to everyone. Using universally accepted wired or wireless networking protocols and proprietary software compression techniques, graphically rich content can be transmitted easily between a single device and multiple displays over a network. Leading global manufacturers have integrated network display technology into an array of consumer electronics including USB-enabled monitors, video docking stations and display adapters. For more information, visit www.displaylink.com.

About WiQuest Communications
WiQuest Communications, Inc. is the leading consumer solutions company designing and developing complete WiMedia-based ultra high speed, ultrawideband (UWB) platforms. WiQuest’s complete solution portfolio includes silicon, software and manufacturing designs. WiQuest’s world class technology and technical support enable a new class of “off-the-shelf-production” wireless connectivity to PC, digital entertainment, consumer electronics and mobile systems.

Founded in September 2003, WiQuest’s strong team comprises thousands of years of collective industry semiconductor, software, and systems experience, resulting in dozens of successful high-volume product implementations including Wireless LAN, DSL and Ethernet solutions. To learn more about WiQuest, please visit www.WiQuest.com.

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DisplayLink is a fabless network graphics semiconductor and software company, formed in 2003 to develop and exploit methods of delivering content to multiple flat panel displays from a single computer with the view that this technology could lower the costs of computing and thus make information technology much more widely available in developing countries.