Innova wins acclaim for SolidWorks training and support


Innova Systems celebrate being the first company in the UK to have passed the full range of accreditation exams set by SolidWorks Corporation, a global leader in 3D engineering design and analysis technology.

3D design technology supply company, Innova Systems, are celebrating being the first company in the UK to have past the full range of accreditation exams set by SolidWorks Corporation, a global leader in 3D engineering design and analysis technology. Engineers at Innova have passed the challenging examinations to prove their knowledge and capabilities in the use of SolidWorks' extensive suite of engineering design software. Already a UK leader in SolidWorks training and 3D design, Innova work with a broad range of industries and companies such as Xaar, Copytrax, Amarinth, Fenland Leisure and Thermoteknix.

SolidWorks is an advanced 3D computer aided design system that enables engineers to rapidly develop and refine design ideas, enabling them to create new and innovative products. It is used by engineers in a broad range of industries, such as automotive, medical, electronics, communications, architecture, furniture and the energy industry.

"It has always been important to us that we employ the very best engineers," said Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems Ltd. "We work at the very leading edge of design technology, so we have to have a passionate and capable team. Passing these examinations means that we are now equipped to provide the most comprehensive SolidWorks training and support available in the UK and that our customer can be sure that their support calls are being handled by the best support engineers in the business."

Innova's engineering team is now a SolidWorks ‘Certified Training and Support Provider’, a SolidWorks ‘Certified Advanced Analysis Provider’ and a SolidWorks ‘Certified Advanced Services Provider’. They are also busy working towards the launch of SolidWorks 2009, the next major release of SolidWorks Software.

"For our engineering team to have passed these exams confirms the exceptionally high levels of skills we have," said Tomek Worland, Technical Director at Innova Systems. "These exams push our individual industry and software technical capability to the limits, so we are very proud of our achievements. Importantly, this unique accreditation also shows our customers that we are very committed to delivering the very best UK wide SolidWorks Training and Support."

Innova will be holding a special launch day for SolidWorks 2009 on the 8th October. The new version of SolidWorks will introduce a lot of new functionality that focuses on ease of use and speed of development. The engineering team will also present '60 tips in 60 minutes', which should appeal to current users of SolidWorks.

"For a great many engineering and design companies, SolidWorks has had a profound effect on their business," said Mark Bradford. "It has been the key to a whole new generation of engineering design that has impacted everything from automotive design to vacuum cleaners.

"Being able to build a detailed virtual 3D model of a complete assembly has enabled not only more complex designs but has also accelerated the design process whilst reducing the risk of errors when going into production. It's a very powerful technology that is impacting most peoples’ lives on a daily basis. From this perspective, you can see why we feel the need to invest in the very best engineers and why we need to strive to provide the best training and best support for the SolidWorks suite of design tools."

Picture – Tomek Worland, Technical Director- Innova (left), Justin Burton, Technical Manager (UK and Ireland), Mark Bradford, Managing Director – Innova (right)

About Innova Systems
Innova is a leading UK distributor of Solidworks, an advanced 3D Mechanical CAD system that enables engineers to rapidly develop and refine ideas to create innovative products. By combining SolidWorks with Innova Systems’ expertise, training facilities and commitment to support customers, Innova is helping companies across the UK to significantly change and improve the way new products are created.

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